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      • 1978
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      • Durga Agraharam  | Vijayawada
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      • Infertility, Obstetrics, Gynecology Clinic
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    About Ahalya IVF and Nursing Home - Vijaywada

    Ahalya IVF and Nursing Home is a chain of multi-specialty hospitals with a strong presence in Vijaywada.  People from all around the state visit the hospital as it provides a comprehensive range of treatment services related to Gynecology, General Surgery, Genetics, Neonatology, Microbiology, Reproductive Medicine, Surgical Oncology, Urology, Neurosurgery, Pediatrics and many more. The hospital provides complete treatment services under the Gynecology and Obstetrics department. They include treatment for Vaginal Discharge, High-Risk Pregnancy Care, Ovarian Cysts, Endometriosis, Uterine Fibroids or Myomas, Urinary Problems, Infertility Evaluation /Treatment, Pelvic Organ Prolapse, Menopause care, Gynecological Cancers, Abnormal Pap Smears - Pre-Invasive Cervical/Vaginal Disease and Vulva Conditions. The mission of the hospital is to deliver high quality, affordable health-care services to the broader population in India. The facility is equipped with the latest tools and technology to ensure accurate diagnosis and effective treatments of patients. The hospital also maintains a nurturing, peace and relaxing atmosphere to relieve the stress that the patients may be facing. The center is accredited by the NABH and Joint Commission International(JCI). Ahalya IVF and Nursing Home provides all the facilities to ensure the highest standard of patient care and comfort. They have advanced lab facilities, well-equipped departments and clean surroundings to meet the industry laid parameters. They deliver high-quality, affordable health-care services to the broader population by leveraging the economies of scale, skilled doctors, and an efficient business model. Dedicated gynecology and maternal unit provide quality care to all patients suffering from Gynecology and Obstetrics problems. Dr. Uma Sankar is one of the famous doctors in Vijaywada, who is currently practicing at Ahalya IVF and Nursing Home. He has almost 2 decades of experience and has performed more than 3000 laparoscopic surgeries with a good track record. He is well-updated with the latest advancements in fertility treatments and carries the knowledge along with good communication and excellent operative skill. The hospital also offers other facilities including transportation facilities, emergency care, and an in-house pharmacy. The hospital is open 24x7 and provides all the necessary facilities.

    Ahalya IVF and Nursing Home - Vijaywada Address
    Dr.No:30-17-5 Varanasivari Street, Beside Dwarakamayi Apartment, Satya Sai Baba Mandhir Road, Durga Agraharam, Seetharampuram Signal Junction, Vijayawada., 520002
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