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You and Us. One on One. A dedicated fertility expert team member will be assigned to help you navigate your unique journey - at each and ever step of the way.

A big selection In fact, the biggest. Ela network of ART Banks gives you access to the largest selection of frozen donor eggs in the country. Ela Partners meet all MSI compliance standards and only accept eggs from rigorously screened donors who go through medical and psychological assessment and genetic screening.

World class science Our network of ART partners host only world-renowned doctors and specialists with state-of-the-art scientific laboratories. With an international team of reproductive specialists and access to state-of-the-art, proprietary technology, we are able to offer clinical advantages over other egg donation programs.

Full-on Access In conventional egg donation programs, your egg donor selection options are limited to egg donors who are presented “by the program.” With Ela ART Banks, we equip you with all the information we have about every egg donor for your frozen donor egg database. Once you’ve found your match, there's no waiting to start your cycle. We work around your schedule to start the cycle that works best for you.

Efficiency And cost effectiveness. Because of advances in frozen egg technology pioneered by Ela team of hand-picked partner centres, we're able to offer you most efficient treatments than traditional fresh egg donation. This typically costs one-half to one-third less than conventional egg donation programs

Meet Your Match with ELA ART Banks

ELA Banks are Ela Partnered Banks following most advanced techniques to freeze and collect donar eggs. Donars are hand picked from across the globe, following strict guidelines and post medical and genetic tests for each of these Donors. You can browse through hundreds of donors to find your perfect match and build the family you've always dreamed of.

Patient Speak

Ela Partner Banks are affordable and easy to use.

The ART Banks are very easily accesible and provide you loads of Donor profiles to choose from. I like the detailed bios on the donors—it helps to know their backgrounds, hobbies, and family.

My experience Ela Partnered ART Banks was amazing.

We are thrilled to welcome our baby boy in November and my Ela Bank made that happen for us.

I am happily 15 weeks pregnant.

I had my first appointment in early August and I am happily 15 weeks pregnant mid-February. To me, that is incredible.

Ela Partner Banks have numerous donors that matched our wish list.

I loved the list of Bios they had to offer. We were able to take our time and study them and make our decision.

Everyone Deserves The Chance To Be A Parent

We believe that finances shouldn’t keep anyone from making a family. That’s why we offer several financial packages and payment options. A financial counselor will be available to help design a financial solution that suits your needs.

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