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    International Helpdesk :

    Why choose Ela for Surrogacy in the USA?

    • Best Surrogacy Doctors: Ela works its level best to find out the best surrogacy doctor for couples and singles who want to go for surrogacy procedure in the USA.
    • Free e-consultation before visit: Patients who consult doctors via Ela receive free e-consultation even before reaching the centre of choice for the respective infertility treatment. This helps patients get to know certain details of their respective case.
    • Find best surrogate for your case: Ela works its best to find the best surrogate for couples who are going for surrogacy procedure. The surrogate chosen needs to pass the eligibility criteria and accordingly, she can go ahead with the surrogacy procedure.
    • Time to time support:Ela offers timely support to patients who are choosing for surrogacy in the USA. This helps patients to get clarifications for any doubts associated with any of the aspects of surrogacy procedure.
    • Most affordable treatment cost: Ela constantly strives to make sure that patients receive the best quality and low cost surrogacy procedure which seeks the desired results.
    • Hassle-free and transparent process: Patients need not worry about transparency linked to their surrogacy procedure, if they decide to take assistance of Elawoman for their decisions. Patient experience is a top priority for team at Ela.
    • Psychological Support: Ela allots dedicated Ela specialists to each of the patients who counsel them during challenging phases in their treatment. In this way, patients can receive moral support as well during their chosen treatments.


    Ela Services are FREE of cost for patients availing the services for infertility treatments.


    About ELA

    Ela is one of the top healthcare facilitators across the world. It has built a flourishing network with hospitals and clinics across the world. Ela has provided assistance to 3000+ couples in their infertility treatments. These couples travel from countries such as United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Belgium, New Zealand, Denmark, and Netherlands. The medical specialists at Ela make sure that they take care of the following aspects of the medical treatments of patients:

    • One to one counseling session
    • Complete travel and accommodation arrangements
    • Assisting in Legal arrangements
    • Matched Surrogate Selection
    • Improving patient's experience during treatment
    • One FREE appointment with an experienced infertility specialist before starting with the travel for treatment.

    Ela mainly aims at offering patients the best treatment experience right from the first consultation about their case.

    International Helpdesk :

    Process of Surrogacy in the USA for International Patients:

    The procedure of Surrogacy in the USA varies from one state to another depending on the surrogacy laws present in that particular state. The surrogacy procedure in the USA is performed in six steps which get modified as per the law of the respective state of choice.

    Choosing the procedure:

    Surrogacy procedure requires the consent of both surrogate and intended parents opting for the procedure. Surrogate need to understand the procedure before they proceed ahead to become a surrogate mother. Intended parents also need to make sure that take the decision of going for surrogacy with a calm mind under the guidance of an infertility specialist. One of the significant aspects of surrogacy procedure in the USA is that even same gender couples, especially gay couples can go for surrogacy procedure in the USA. This is one of the biggest advantages of choosing surrogacy procedure in the USA.

    Preparation for Surrogacy:

    In this step of surrogacy procedure, the intended parents need to understand that preparation of surrogacy must be taken in the right way. This also depends on the type of surrogacy procedure which a couple opts for to have a baby. In gestational surrogacy, a couple needs to plan ahead about choosing a surrogate with the assistance of the surrogacy centre. In case of altruistic surrogacy, a couple must first finalize who will become their surrogate and then only proceed with the surrogacy procedure.

    Surrogate Match Selection:

    Selecting and finalizing a surrogate is one of the crucial and challenging parts of the surrogacy procedure. Couples need to be extra careful while choosing the surrogate for surrogacy. Profiles of surrogates are compared to find out the best candidate for surrogacy procedure. It is important to understand that intended parents and surrogate have similar views and plans with respect to the surrogacy procedure. This will help in proper execution of the procedure.

    Performing Legal formalities:

    Intended parents and surrogate are the two parties and both of them must read the clauses in the surrogacy agreement. This must be done before signing up the contract for commencement of the surrogacy procedure. A lawyer who specializes in the surrogacy procedure must be consulted to avoid any kind of confusions in the later stages of surrogacy procedure or even after the birth of the baby. The best way to know about the laws associated with the chosen surrogacy procedure is to make sure that both the parties talk to the lawyer at an individual level. Only after the contract process is completed, the embryo transfer procedure takes place in the surrogate mother. Surrogates receive monthly compensation for their service as a surrogate mother. The amount is finalized by both the parties and specified clearly in the surrogacy contract itself. Also, the rights of the surrogate and intended parents with respect to the baby is also explained in details in the surrogacy contract.

    Fertilization and Embryo Transfer process:

    Once the surrogate selection and legal formalities are fulfilled, the couple and surrogate visit an infertility specialist at a fertility centre. Here, fertilization of eggs and sperms of the couple takes place in the embryology laboratory which ultimately forms embryo. Couples can also use donor eggs and sperms depending on the complexity of their case and requirement in the same. This is followed by embryo transfer procedure in the surrogate who has taken part in the surrogacy procedure. Once embryo transfer procedure is successful it proceeds to implantation of the embryo. This leads to occurrence of positive pregnancy.

    Final Step of Welcoming the baby:

    The birth of the baby as the pregnancy tenure completes is a victorious moment for the couple who has been trying for a baby for years. The baby is welcomed warmly and intended parents are now legal parents of the baby. Thus, surrogacy proves to be a rewarding experience for the couple who went for the surrogacy procedure. (Source: The 6 Steps of the Surrogacy Process,

    *Note: Ela does not charge users for any service provided to them. Surrogacy cost is all inclusive and paid directly to the surrogacy clinic.

    What Our Patients are saying

    Medical Tourism in the USA:

    Medical tourism is an unique concept which has brought evolutions in the field of healthcare. There are several countries who are competing to offer excellent services with most affordable costs to patients traveling from overseas. The USA is one of the top destinations for medical tourism across the world. It has built a reputation as one of the best medical tourism attractions in the recent years. As per one of the reports published by Patients Beyond Borders, USA attracted more than 8,00,000 patients to its top hospitals for several medical treatments in the year 2012. The numbers are also impressive in Florida as well and is said to improve over the years. Most of the patients visiting the centres and hospital in the USA choose the destination for their medical procedures because they are not available in their country of origin. (Source: The Flourishing Medical Tourism Business in America, HealthLeaders) Also, patients from different parts of the world visit the USA because of the availability of concierge services at the hospitals in the country. These services comprise of different features such as dedicated hospitality coordinators and streamlined coordination available at each of the hospitals for 24 hours. Air ambulance facility is also one of the salient and latest introduced features in different segments of medicine. This assists patients to receive quality healthcare facilities right from the start of the treatment. Patients visiting the USA also need to undergo certain verifications to determine financial eligibility of the patients. This also ensures that patients understand whether their treatment can be financed with insurance coverage. An increasing number of healthcare organizations and hospitals are working their level best to boost medical tourism in the USA. The prime aim of these hospitals and medical centres is to make US a patient-friendly country where they can seek the best quality infertility treatments such as surrogacy at an affordable cost. In the recent years, the procedures which are in great demand under the concept of medical tourism include orthopedic surgeries such as knee surgery, and hip surgery, cardiac surgeries such as heart bypass, and valve displacements. Apart from this, various other medical treatments are also performed for the benefit of the patients.

    Fertility tourism also known as reproductive tourism is one of the parts of medical tourism. In different parts of USA, fertility tourism has taken turn from just a medical treatment trend to that of one of the most popular types of medical tourism. Some of the top cities of the USA which are known for their quality fertility services include San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York. These cities are now the largest fertility treatment marketplaces not only in the USA but also across the world. (Source: Reproductive Tourism in the USA, Routledge) The services which are in great demand in several cities in the USA include surrogacy procedures, egg donation programmes, and sex selection or gender selection procedures. The infertility specialists and medical staff team at the fertility centres in the USA make sure that moral and professional ethics are followed while performing each of the infertility treatments.

    Brief about Surrogacy in the USA:

    The USA is one of the top countries across the world which offers patients with quality surrogacy procedures especially that of gestational surrogacy. Couples thinking to go for surrogacy procedure usually get confused that which country they need to choose for their respective treatment. The USA offers a range of options for patients who are looking forward to having a baby with surrogacy procedure. One of the crucial aspects of surrogacy in the USA is that each of the state has its own dedicated surrogacy laws based on which the execution of the surrogacy procedure takes place for the couple. Another significant aspect associated with surrogacy in the USA is that the country recognizes and supports the will of gay couples as well to go ahead with surrogacy to start a family. When a couple opts for surrogacy procedure, they have several queries in their minds. This includes the parentage rights over the baby born with the surrogacy procedure and safety levels of the medical practices performed at the chosen infertility centre. International patients who travel to the country from overseas can reap benefit of the flexibility of the surrogacy laws in different states of the USA. (Source: Coming to U.S. for Baby, and Womb to Carry It, The New York Times)

    Which are the Surrogacy friendly states in the USA?

    The states in the USA which are surrogacy friendly in an effective manner include Arkansas, California, Delaware, District of Colombia, Illinois, Maine, Nevada, and New Hampshire. the USA states which are surrogacy friendly to some extent include Alabama, Connecticut, Florida, Maryland, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, and West Virginia. Also, there are some states in the US which are not surrogacy friendly. These states include Arizona, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan, Nebraska, New York, Pennsylvania, Utah, Vermont, and Wisconsin. (Source: Surrogacy in the USA, Sensible Surrogacy)

    International and Domestic Surrogacy in the USA:

    The USA offers surrogacy procedure services to patients who are located within the country itself as well as the patients who come from overseas. When the local patients are provided with surrogacy procedure services, then it is classified as domestic surrogacy. In case, patients travel from overseas, then it is known as international surrogacy. Often patients find it difficult to finalize a country for their surrogacy procedure. In such cases, it becomes important for the patients to take a firm decision and choose a trustworthy location for surrogacy. The USA is an excellent location not only for international surrogacy but also for domestic surrogacy for patients who are not able to conceive naturally or even with infertility treatments. International surrogacy will be considered for the patients who are coming to the states of the USA for their third party reproductive procedure. (Source: Why You Should Choose the U.S. for International Surrogacy,

    What does international surrogacy in the USA involve?

    International surrogacy in the Unites States involves certain steps which include verifications and medical steps performed in the surrogacy procedure. Some of the specific areas are explained in detail as follows:

    • Defined Legal Process: Patients planning to opt for surrogacy procedure in any of the states of the USA need to understand that the surrogacy laws in the country are classified in several sections. This depends on the individual state&'s laws where surrogacy will be practiced. Surrogacy friendly states are the best states to start with the surrogacy procedure. The USA also recognizes gay couples or LGBT sections and provides them with equal rights towards having babies with surrogacy.
    • Protection towards Surrogate and Intended Parents: In most of the countries, surrogates security is not valued. But in the USA, surrogates receive the respect they deserve and security in terms of prevention of exploitation as well. Also, a surrogate proceeds with the procedure only when she is emotionally and physically ready to become a surrogate mother for a couple.
    • Experienced surrogate professionals: Surrogacy doctors in the USA are much experienced and follow the latest upgrades in the field of surrogacy. Not only this but the surrogacy laws in the USA are more precise which make patients not face any troubles in future with respect to baby or legal rights. The doctors serve patients with their unique international surrogacy programmes for their own benefit in the form of happy families.

    These are the reasons because of which International surrogacy or American surrogacy is in demand in the recent times. Surrogacy in US ensures that patients receive quality infertility treatments for their infertility issues which helps them seek the desired results. (Source: Why You Should Choose The U.S. for International Surrogacy,

    Surrogacy Cost in the USA:

    The cost of Surrogacy in the USA ranges from $100,000 to $ 130,000. The Surrogacy Cost depends on the experience of the success rates, experience of the doctor, and state of the USA. St. Louis Fertility Clinic is one of the best surrogacy centres in the USA. (Source: Surrogacy Mother Costs, WCS)

    Best Surrogacy Centres in the USA:

    St. Louis Fertility Clinic is one of the best surrogacy centres in the USA. The centre is popularly known as Fertility Partnership. Dr. Elan Smickes founded the centre with the aim of serving patients in several infertility treatments. One of the key features of this clinic is that it has effectively achieved high birth rates when compared to other infertility centres in the country. The diagnostic services offered at the centre include Hysterosalpingogram, Laparoscopy, and Hysteroscopy procedures. The services offered at the centre include Infertility assessment, In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI), and other infertility treatments. The centre also offers modern infertility related facilities such as laboratory work, and surrogate medical screening tests. The centre also offers infertility treatment options without donors as well as frozen eggs. Some of the advanced treatments which are available at the centre include Testicular Fine Needle Aspiration (TEFNA), Assisted Zonal Hatching (AZH), and Egg and Sperm Cryopreservation procedures. (Source: Fertility Partnership)

    Other Surrogacy Centres in the USA include the following:

    • American Surrogacy Center
    • Modern Family Surrogacy Center
    • The Fertility Institutes
    • Simple Surrogacy
    • San Diego Fertility Center