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    Ela has partnered with 15+ IVF and surrogacy centres in Kiev, the capital city of UKraine and other major cities of Ukraine. Till date, Ela has successfully served more than 3000 couples across the globe including the couples from countries such as the US, UK, Australia, Ireland, Brazil, Canada, Bangladesh and New Zealand etc.

    Ela Specialists consider medical, financial, psychological aspects while planning your family. With Ela, your surrogacy journey starts with:

    Many Couples have received the happiness of parenthood with time to time support and assistance of Ela specialists. Ela team offers help to the patients with an aim to completing their families. Ela plans your travel to Ukraine and also assists you in searching and finalizing hotels near the chosen fertility centre. We also arrange insurance coverage for the international patients and make the surrogacy process simpler and easier.

    Ela guides patients in such a way that it helps them to get treated in a hassle-free manner.
    With Ela, you will also receive FREE consultation with a medical expert before you start your journey for the decided infertility treatment.

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    Counselling session for Psychological Support
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    Process of Surrogacy in Ukraine for International Patients

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    Get a one to one detailed discussion with an Ela Specialist who will guide you entirely with the surrogacy process and other legal obligations.

    Get Reasonable Quotes from Verified Fertility Clinics

    Ela helps you in getting quotes from verified surrogacy centres in Ukraine after analyzing your medical history and financial budget. You can choose a fertility clinic which suits your requirements the best.

    Organize and Plan your Travel to Ukraine

    To make your treatment journey seamless and hassle-free, Ela helps you in planning your medical trip to Ukraine.

    Visiting the chosen Surrogacy center and Meeting the Surrogate:

    Once you arrive in Ukraine, you can visit the clinic and meet the surrogate in person. All the arrangements are done beforehand to make the process less time-consuming.

    Finalizing the Surrogacy Arrangement/Contract

    This includes all the legalities which are intended for a smooth communication between both the parties which also includes surrogate, carrying the baby until birth.

    Utilization of latest IVF technologies

    Ela makes sure that modern reproductive technologies are to be used during the entire process. This benefits both the surrogate and the baby.

    Bringing your Baby Home Post Delivery

    Finally, post delivery the baby is handed to the legal parents with complete parental rights so that they can bring the baby home.

    *Note: Ela does not charge users for any service provided to them. Surrogacy cost is all inclusive and paid directly to the surrogacy clinic.

    What people are saying


    1. Is Surrogacy legal in Ukraine?

    The surrogacy procedure is completely legal in Ukraine since 2002. The usage of egg or sperm donor is also legal to be utilized during the surrogacy process.

    2. What much does surrogacy and surrogate mother cost in Ukraine?

    The cost of the surrogacy procedure in Ukraine is highly affordable. The total cost of the surrogacy in Ukraine falls between $30,000 to $45,000. The package cost is all inclusive of medical and legal formalities. Generally, a surrogate mother charges anywhere in between $20,000 to $ 25,000.

    3. What are the benefits of surrogacy in Ukraine?

    Some notable benefits of surrogacy in Ukraine include

    • The cost of surrogacy procedure is much cheaper than that in most of the other countries.
    • Genetic parents are offered several layers of protection from time to time.
    • The procedure is free of legal complications.
    • Advanced reproductive technology is utilized in each of the surrogacy procedures.

    4. Who can apply for surrogacy in Ukraine?

    Heterosexual couples from across Europe and other parts of the world are eligible to apply for surrogacy procedure in Ukraine.

    5. Who can become a surrogate mother in Ukraine?

    Here is the eligibility criteria for surrogate mother in Ukraine

    • Should be between 25 - 35 years of age
    • Should not have any relation to the intended parents
    • Shall not be a smoker and drug addict
    • Should not have any family history of genetic disorders which can be inherited

    6. What is Surrogacy with Egg Donor?

    Surrogacy procedure with egg donor is quite commonly utilized these days. The success rate of surrogacy increases with the use of egg donor.

    7. What is Guaranteed Surrogacy Program?

    Guaranteed Surrogacy program is a program run by many fertility centres in Ukraine to provide the couples with the assurance of having a baby through surrogacy. Unlimited number of IVF cycles are offered with this program till the successful pregnancy is achieved.

    Reproductive Tourism in Ukraine:

    Reproductive Tourism is a type of healthcare tourism in which there is proper utilization of the quality and affordable reproductive technologies and treatments. Patients from one country visit a country where the medical treatments are available at better costs. In the year 2008, Ukraine was listed 7th in the list of most visited destinations across the globe. Couples from different parts of the world visit countries like Ukraine to receive the cost-effective treatments with desired success rates. International surrogacy has gained a lot of demand in the recent years and increasing number of countries is supporting this innovative procedure to have babies and build families. With rise in the demand of surrogacy, the implementation of the procedure has also significantly increased to multiple times. These days, couples go for budget friendly infertility treatments, even if they have to travel overseas to get their targeted results. Patients traveling to countries such as Ukraine are smartly classified into 2 different types based on their focus associated with the infertility treatment. This includes the ones who are quality-sensitive and others are price-sensitive. With the help of reproductive tourism also known as fertility tourism, more number of patients nowseeks both these aspects in their chosen infertility treatment such as surrogacy. There are various aspects, which revolve around infertility treatments and the fertility centres in Ukraine, which are now creating awareness via different information modes among patients traveling to the country for their respective treatments. Reproductive tourism has gained the level of globalization, which is thereby helping patients located in different parts of the world to go for surrogacy procedure in Ukraine. Here are some of those reasons, which are most discussed and highlighted when planning to choose Ukraine as a reproductive tourism country.

    • Ukraine has created its name in the industry of infertility medicine and procedures as one of the top countries in the world to offer most competitive prices for each of the infertility treatments.
    • When the prices of infertility treatments available in Ukraine are compared to that of other locations across Western Europe, then the cost of the infertility treatments in Ukraine is 20% - 40% lesser than the later locations. This helps Ukraine to attract patients who are wealthy but are looking for a simpler and low cost option when compared to their respective countries.
    • The infertility and surrogacy centres in Ukraine offer healthy and educated Ukraine based surrogacy mothers, which help couples in their surrogacy procedures. Egg donation services are also available for the couples going for infertility treatments. This makes Ukraine as one of the rare countries to offer surrogacy and other infertility treatments at a considerable low cost.
    • One of the benefits of going for surrogacy procedure in any of the cities of Ukraine is that the country also has a comparatively short waiting time for patients when considering the wait time in the states of developed countries. (Source: Recent trends in reproductive tourism and international surrogacy: ethical considerations and challenges for policy, NCBI)

    Medical Tourism in Ukraine:

    Medical tourism is rapidly growing in the country of Ukraine. The rate of growth in Ukraine is a steady one, which inspires more number of individuals to go ahead and opt for medical treatments in specialties of medicine in this European country. You will be surprised to know that Ukraine was listed in the top 10 countries, which have achieved the recognition of affordable medical treatments, which they provide in the form of medical tourism. Ukraine has built trust among patients visiting the country from other parts of the world such as Central Asia, Italy, Russia, Germany, UAE, Great Britain, Belarus, and France.There are several other reasons, which are considered while talking about getting treated with infertility treatments in the country of Ukraine. Along with the cost effectiveness of the medical treatments, different cities of Ukraine are known for their beautiful and attractive churches, castles, and cathedrals. This is also one of the top reasons for demand and rise in medical tourism across different cities in Ukraine. (Source: Why consider Ukraine, Treatment Abroad)

    Egg and Sperm Donors in Ukraine:

    Egg and Sperm donation is one of the most helpful medical procedures, which contribute in the success of infertility treatments and third party reproductive techniques such as Surrogacy. One of the important aspects, which need to be considered, includes the fact that the inclusion and usage of egg and sperm donation is acceptable in Ukraine.Also, the success rates of surrogacy procedure performed at the infertility centres also increase multiple times with the utilization of quality eggs and sperms donated by eligible and healthy donors. When you communicate with any of the infertility or surrogacy centres in Ukraine, you will find that there are various result oriented medical treatmentspresent in front of the concerned couple for achieving success with surrogacy procedure in the form of a positive pregnancy. The Ministry of Health in Ukraine has agreed to certain specificcriteria with respect to sperm and egg donors to make sure that the donation of eggs and sperms is a healthy one and proves beneficial to couples as well.

    Eligibility criteria for egg and sperm donors:

    Here are some of the crucial eligibility criteria, which are followed while finalizing with the egg and sperm donors.

    • The age of the egg and sperm donors must be between 18 to 40 years. This also depends on the gender of the donor.
    • The potential egg and sperm donor must have at least one healthy child.
    • The potential donor must pass the medical tests performed to check the overall health status of the respective individual. This includes blood group, Rh factor, ultrasound examination of the organs around the pelvic organs, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C. (Source: Sperm and Egg Donation, Ilaya Clinic)

    Candidates who need to use egg and sperm donors for surrogacy procedure:

    Egg and sperm donors are recommended in certain specific cases. These cases need to be understood well by couples to make sure that their procedure ends at a good note. Here are the candidates who need to use egg and sperm donors for their surrogacy procedure:

    • Presence of Polycystic Ovarian Disorder (PCOD) in the women especially in cases are severe requires the couple to go for egg donor treatment for positive conception.
    • Donor eggs is an excellent option for women who do not respond well to the hormonal treatments performed for successful preparation of the woman's body for infertility treatments.
    • History of failure of several infertility treatments in the past.
    • Women who have already reached the menopause stage much earlier than expected.
    • Sperm donors are recommended for couples where the male partner is affected with conditions such as Azoospermia and Teratozoospermia.
    • Even single women going for infertility treatments will also need to go for the donor sperm procedure to have a baby.
    • Single men or couples who have got results of presence of a genetic disorder need to make sure that donor sperms of good quality and motility are used for their surrogacy treatment.

    Eligibility criteria for Surrogate Mothers in Ukraine:

    According to researches performed by top infertility experts, it is found that there is a demand for Ukraine based surrogate mothers and this is going to increase significantly over the coming years. Surrogates have the right to choose to contribute successfully in the surrogate procedure and become a surrogate mother. This also depends based on their own choices and family support. This proves a point that the respective woman chooses to go for the procedure at her own autonomy. Potential surrogate mothers need to understand that certain eligibility criteria needs to be followed before the final selection of surrogate mother is done in Ukraine. Here are the important eligibility criteria, which are taken into consideration at the time of choosing surrogate mothers.

    • The age of the surrogate must fall between 25 to 35 years on an average.
    • The potential surrogate should not have any family relation with the couple i.e. intended parents who are opting for the procedure.
    • The woman who is considered, as a potential surrogate must not be a smoker or addicted to drugs.
    • She must undergo advised medical tests to confirm absence of any kind of serious healthcare or genetic disorder which can affect the success of the surrogacy procedure.

    Types of Surrogacy in Ukraine:

    Ukraine offers surrogacy procedures of several types based on presence of complications of the couples and advice of the surrogacy doctors in the chosen surrogacy treatment. Ukraine is one of the few countries in Europe which allows compensated surrogacy to local couples and individuals along with patients coming to Ukraine from other countries to go for surrogacy procedure. The flexibility of the surrogacy process terms has motivated several couples to go for the procedure of surrogacy in this magnificent country. (Source: Where in Europe is surrogacy legal?, Euronews)

    • Gestational Surrogacy: Gestational Surrogacy is one of the most popular surrogacy procedures where the surrogate mother is paid for carrying the baby throughout the pregnancy term period. A pre-determined compensation amount is paid to the surrogate in installments as per the contract between surrogate mother and intended parents. Gestational surrogacy is a type of surrogacy procedure, which is most commonly practiced in recent years, which has helped several couples across the world to receive the essence of parenthood. This type of surrogacy is practiced a lot in the recent times in different cities of Ukraine. Gestational surrogacy in Ukraine has gained improved success rates. Couples also receive affordable surrogacy treatment options when then go for surrogacy procedure in Ukraine. Also, the patients do not have to face legal complications while undergoing surrogacy treatment or upon completion of the same. At times, gestational surrogacy is also known as compensated surrogacy in different parts of the world.
    • Traditional Surrogacy: Traditional surrogacy is the most ancient type of surrogacy. Here, the surrogate mother had biological links with the baby who was developing in her womb. This type of surrogacy raised various legal issues in the long term including possibility of the surrogate mother claiming the baby born via surrogacy procedure. Nowadays, a couple to have a baby to avoid such complications efficiently uses other types of surrogacy.
    • Altruistic Surrogacy: Altruistic surrogacy is a voluntary type of surrogacy, which is favored in various parts of the world. In Ukraine, compensated surrogacy is more favored than altruistic type of surrogacy for better experience and best possible results.

    Surrogacy Procedure in Ukraine:

    The process of surrogacy in Ukraine involves a series of steps, which need to be followed for successful execution of the surrogacy treatment and achieving the results from the same. The steps of surrogacy procedureinclude the following:

    • Meeting with the surrogacy professional: This is first step of surrogacy procedure. In this step of surrogacy procedure, couples need to make sure that they choose the right surrogacy centre. This will ultimately simplify their journey of surrogacy to a great extent. Surrogacy procedure must start at a good note to make sure that couples do not face any troubles throughout the procedure. Choose the right surrogacy centre to avoid any kind of complications in midst of the treatment.
    • Choosing the surrogate: The choice of surrogate is completely in the hands of the concerned couple. So, couples need to choose surrogate with required efforts and proper care to avoid any problems during the pregnancy. This ensures that surrogate finally chosen stands up to the expectations of the intended parents. While choosing a surrogate, couple needs to make sure that she has already undergone the required medical and background screening tests. This helps in choosing the right surrogacy without facing any obstacles. Couples must know that the test results are valid for a time frame of around 1 to 3 months. If the surrogate decides to apply again after 3 months, the required medical screening tests must be performed again to receive the correct information. There is a set criterion, which potential surrogate mothers need to fulfill before proceeding to become a surrogate mother. Surrogate lawyer can also help in understanding the laws in an in-depth manner. Couples can find them read and understand in one of the sections mentioned above.
    • Signing legal agreement: The signing up of the legal contract between surrogate and intended parents is one of the crucial parts of the surrogacy procedure in Ukraine. Legal paperwork must be done under the guidance of an experienced lawyer who deals with surrogacy procedure. In this step, the complete cost of the surrogacy procedure needs to be discussed with transparency. This is an important step of surrogacy procedure where the chosen surrogate and intended parents need to study the terms of the surrogacy contract. Accordingly, they decide to agree to the terms as per their convenience and priorities. Every sensitive aspect associated with surrogacy needs to be discussed between surrogate and intended parents for improved experience of the procedure for both the parties. (Source: Understanding Surrogacy Contracts,
    • Commencement of Medical Process: Medical process in the surrogacy procedure is started after the legal contract is signed. In this step, first the eggs and sperms are collected from the couple, single individual, or donor. The embryo is formed in the medical laboratory under the guidance of the embryologist. The embryo is placed in the uterus of the surrogate mother for successful implantation. The pregnancy test is performed after a two-week wait period. The news of successful pregnancy is received with this test.
    • Pregnancy term period: Once the surrogate mother is pregnant, she needs to understand that being a surrogate mother is a huge responsibility, which needs to be undertaken in a mature manner. During the pregnancy tenure, couples need to take care of surrogate mother in the right way. This will help in a healthy pregnancy and result in the healthy birth of the baby. Also, couples or intended parents need to have transparency about the needs of the surrogate mother, so that she does not have to compromise in any manner.
    • Granting the baby to intended parents: This final step is also popularly known as "Legal Parentage". Legal issues are the most challenging parts of the surrogacy procedure. In this step, the baby is granted to the intended parents with complete legalized parental rights. This makes the entire surrogacy procedure accomplish its goals with required success. The ultimate purpose of the surrogacy procedure gets fulfilled once the baby is handed over to the intended parents in the successful manner. (Source: Surrogacy Process, New Hope Surrogacy in Ukraine)

    This is the series of steps involved in the surrogacy procedure. Each of the steps is executed in the same series to receive the desired results in the form of a healthy baby at the end of the pregnancy occurred with surrogacy procedure. Couples need to contact a surrogacy specialist to make sure that surrogacy treatment gets completed in the right and ethical manner.

    Surrogacy Cost in Ukraine:

    The cost of surrogacy in Ukraine ranges from Rs. 25,00,000 to Rs. 35,00,000. The surrogacy cost in Ukraine depends on experience of surrogacy doctor, patient reviews, success rates, and infrastructure of the centre, and medical facilities available. The top surrogacy centres in Ukraine are ACADEMIUM and Pons Medical Research Ltd. (Source: Fair Treatment Cost, Elawoman)

    Top Surrogacy Centres in Ukraine:

    Ukraine has got some of the quality surrogacy centres, which focus on offering quality surrogacy treatments that are result-oriented. Surrogacy centres primarily serve the purpose of treating patients with surrogacy procedures, which are created, with the motive of helping patients to have their babies with the assistance of this third party reproductive technique. There are various important factors and elements, which need to be considered while choosing a surrogacy centre in Ukraine. This includes experience of infertility specialist and medical team members, past patient success rates, and cost of surrogacy procedure including surrogacy fees at the respective surrogacy centre. Here are the top surrogacy centres in Ukraine, which have achieved high success rates in terms of taking surrogacy procedures to the desired results.

    • ACADEMIUM: ACADEMIUM is one of the top surrogacy centres in Ukraine focused on serving patients with the right quality of infertility treatments. The clinic was started in the year 2017 and within a short time period it has gained the trust and satisfaction of the patients who have got treated with desired infertility treatments. Dr. Sobolev Ruslan Valentinovich is a gynecologist who is serving as a head physician and leading medical specialist of the medical hospital. The medical treatment services and facilities provided at the hospital includeinfertility treatments, one-day operations, and aesthetic surgery. Laboratory diagnostics facilities are also available for the patients visiting the hospital for their respective treatments. The entire team of ACADEMIUM aims at offering the patients with basic to most advanced infertility treatments for the welfare of the couples. The team at ACADEMIUM comprises of several experienced medical specialists such as obstetricians, gynecologists, surgeons, family medicine specialists, endocrinologists, neuropathologist, and urologist-andrologist. The surrogacy doctors make it a point to guide couples throughout their path of chosen infertility treatment. ACADEMIUM has also created a programme for egg donors. This type of programmes will help them to receive a good compensation amount with successful egg donation. Patients can go ahead with infertility treatments with the efficient assistance of egg donation techniques. Certain instructions are given to couples to make sure that their surrogacy procedure gets completed with success.The team believes that the donors not only help others but also help themselves with an improved financial situation. The success rates of infertility treatments ranging from 58% to 70% depending on the use of the egg or sperm donors in IVF or Surrogacy procedure. The current case status of the couple also determines the success of the respective infertility treatment. (Source: Why Us, ACADEMIUM)
    • Pons Medical Research Ltd: The prime mission of thehospital is to make sure that every family visiting the centre from different parts of the world is able to bring a new life and build their own family. Dr. Ruslan Sobolev is the practicing gynecologist at Pons Medical Research Ltd. One of the unique features of Pons Medical Research Ltd is that they have a dedicated surrogacy law firm to guide about legal aspects of surrogacy procedure. The hospital also offers facilities such as availability of International Patient Coordinator and world-class state-of-art technology.ts.
    • Remedi Clinic: Remedi Clinic is one of the most renowned infertility centres in Ukraine, which serves its best in providing patients with quality infertility treatments. Remedi Clinic is also a collective member of the World Association of Private Clinics of Infertility Treatment right from the year 2000. The doctors and embryologists practicing at the Remedi Clinic are the eminent members of the European Society for Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE). Dr. Vladimir Vladimirovich Dochechkin, MD, Ph.D. is the medical director of Remedi Clinic. The doctor is a member of several top healthcare organizations such as ESHRE, ISIR, and PART. He is also one of the pioneers of different ultrasound techniques of infertility issues in women in the country of Ukraine. The main aim of the clinic is to execute the diagnosis and treatment of infertility issues as per the laws laid by the World Health Organization (WHO). (Source: Remedi Clinic)
    • IV MED Fertility Centre: IV MED Fertility Centre is a prime infertility centre, which offers patients with quality infertility treatments, which comprise of a tailored approach. The treatment services available at the centre include infertility consultation, IVF, and Surrogacy procedures. Dr. Galina Strelko is the top fertility doctor practicing at IV MED Fertility Centre. The team at the centre also comprises of fertility specialist, embryologist, implantology specialist, molecular specialist, anesthesiologist, and medical coordinator. The hospital offers patients with the option of two trips and one trip, which can be chosen as per the convenience of the patients. The duration of one infertility treatment trip depends on the type of the chosen infertility treatment as per the recommendation of the infertility specialist. (Source: IVMED Fertility Centre)

    The practice of surrogacy procedure has increased to a great extent in the recent years in countries such as Ukraine. As most of the countries have now brought several changes in their surrogacy related laws, Ukraine is a hot destination for international patients to go for quality surrogacy procedureto start or expand their present families. The beauty of the country and cost-effectiveness of surrogacy procedure are some of the prime reasons for rising demand and utilization of surrogacy procedure in reproductive tourism in this country. Reproductive tourism or fertility tourism proves to be a boon for couples who want to conceive with the assistance of infertility treatments, but want to go for a cheaper option to save efforts and time as well.