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    Why to choose Ela for Surrogacy in Kenya?

    • Guaranteed low costs: While going for Surrogacy in the country of Kenya, Ela makes the entire procedure of surrogacy procedure at affordable cost. The costs of Surrogacy procedure are way lower, when Ela is chosen for finding the best surrogacy doctor and center in Kenya.
    • Top and most Experienced Doctors: Ela selects for you the best possible surrogacy doctor in Kenya based on your medical condition and assured you a 100% success rate at the lowest possible costs.
    • Boosts transparency: Ela keeps every detail associated with surrogacy treatment transparent with patients, which prevents any kind of confusion for the couple intending to get surrogacy done in Kenya.
    • Hassle-free process: At Ela, the entire team works in co-ordination to make each step of your journey comfortable and memorable.
    • Complete Psychological Support: We make sure that there is 24x7 complete support to you in your entire journey. There is always an Ela Coach dedicated to you for your case.
    • Get free e-Consultation with your choosen doctor well before your visit, so that you can decide even before you make your first payments, whether to go or not.
    • Ela assures you the best possible Surrogate Mother Care and an option to choose your own surrogate.
    • Price of Surrogacy in Kenya varies between US $ 44,000 to US $ 65,000

    Call Us Today To Receive a Customized Plan For Your Medical Treatment Towards The Birth Of Your Child.

    Ela Services are absolutely Transparent and FREE of Cost

    About ELA

    Ela has partnerships with almost all the famous and verified Surrogacy and IVF centres across Nairobi and other major cities in Kenya. Ela has helped over 1000 couples from more than 71+ countries including the US, UK (Britain), Australia, India, Ireland, Belgium, Canada, New Zealand, Denmark, Netherlands, and many other countries across the world in completing their family from Kenya. The medical experts at Ela take care of all aspects of your family planning including:

    • Complete travel and accommodation Arrangements
    • One to one counseling session
    • Legal arrangements
    • Matched surrogate selection
    • Offering the standard pricing well before your travel
    • Finally, making you ready for your baby’s arrival
    • With Ela, you will get to know the right time to start your travel.
    • You will also receive a FREE consultation with an experienced infertility specialist even before you begin with your travel for your respective infertility treatments.

    To us, nothing is more fulfilling than making your dreams of parenthood come true.

    For Instant Booking please call+91 8929020600

    How can Ela membership benefit International Patients travelling to Kenya?

    Ela membership will benefit couples visiting Kenya in following specific ways. This is above and over the normal benefits you get with Ela.

    • Complete assistance in receiving Visa to visit Kenya
    • Pick and drop facility being available in Kenya
    • Unlimited Multi-doctor opinions with respect to the chosen treatment
    • Timely engagement with Ela Specialist to assist with diagnosis of all medical report and treatment protocols
    • Included Diet consultation for patient and Surrogate
    • Included availability of Loan and Legal assistance before commencement of Surrogacy procedure
    • Patients visiting Kenya are served with all travel facilities including hotel accommodation and air transport

    Process of Surrogacy in KENYA:

    Surrogacy procedure in Kenya is performed with the assistance of certain pre-determined steps. The effective steps of surrogacy include the following:

    Discuss the case with Ela specialists:

    First, the case of the couple is studied in detail with the assistance of Ela Panel of doctors and specialists who deal with over 200 cases a day. The prime problem of the couple is taken into consideration, and reports are obtained from the patient for initial diagnosis.

    Get surrogacy treatment quotes:

    Costs of surrogacy package are an important aspect for every couple going for the same. Ela guarantees the lowest and best surrogacy treatment package prices for all its patients. Moreover you can choose from for your own treatment package.

    Finalizing the surrogacy hospital:

    Surrogacy doctor and hospital are finalized as per the choice and medical complications in the case of the couple. The budget of the couple for the surrogacy treatment is also crucial factor while choosing and going for the top recommended surrogacy hospital. Most of the couples get off track while finding the best hospital.

    Reaching destination:

    Ela enables your visa processing, accommodation and travel arrangements for Kenya. On reaching Kenya, Ela specialists will help you out with the steps about how to proceed with the treatment and reach the centre. The couple can then choose (if not done in advance) the surrogate who will be the potential surrogate to carry their baby.

    Surrogacy Agreement:

    On reaching the pre-decided hospital in Kenya, intended parents and surrogate who is finalized sign surrogacy agreement. This prevents any kind of confusions after the surrogacy is completed. This legal contract includes all required legal formalities, which need to be followed during surrogacy.

    Performing medical steps:

    Once the legal agreement is signed, the medical steps related to in-vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure are started efficiently. Before signing up the legal agreement, the couple cannot get started with the medical steps of surrogacy. The eggs and sperms are retrieved from the intended parents. The embryologist uses latest medical technology to form embryo in the dedicated laboratory. You need to keep in mind and stay clear that surrogate mother only contributes to carrying the baby in surrogacy procedure and is not linked biologically with the child.

    Birth of baby:

    The birth of the baby takes place around the pre-determined birth date in the hospital itself as per the guidance of infertility specialist. The couples need to take proper care of the baby from here itself. If everything goes well, the procedure is marked as complete. The doctor takes proper care of the baby to avoid any kind of complications.

    Bringing baby back home:

    Once born the intended parents can bring the baby back home. The role of surrogate mother gets over in Kenya itself and she is paid her full fees.

    Information about Surrogacy Procedure in Kenya:

    What are the important and highlighted legal aspects of Kenya?

    Kenya is listed among the developing countries, which have not yet published any legally bounded regulations linked with performing surrogacy procedure. The practice of international surrogacy varies to a great extent from one country to another. This strictly depends on the current definite regulations of surrogacy in a country. Kenya is a country where surrogacy procedure is not completely prohibited. Commercial surrogacy is still permissible in Kenya, which proves to be useful. This popular type of surrogacy is performed in different surrogacy centres in Kenya. (Source: Standard Media)

    As there are no specific regulations for the practice of surrogacy procedure for national and international patients, it becomes more important that interested intended parents take best possible care of the legal aspects of the procedure to stay safe in the future. Couples must make sure that they consult most experienced professional lawyer before going for surrogacy procedure. This helps interested couples to avoid falling in the trap of illegal procedures that target the ones who are unaware about different aspects of surrogacy. As there is an increasing demand for surrogacy procedure in Kenya, experts feel that the parents need to be very careful with their Surrogacy procedure. (Source:

    In the year 2014, surrogacy experts in Kenya started putting their best foot forward to bring a permanent legal regulation linked to surrogacy. It’s still in the process however some headway has already been made. Heterosexual couples (for others there is still no law) have been already given the complete right to utilize surrogacy in various well-known surrogacy centres in Kenya. They can opt for gestational surrogacy in such clinics in Kenya. These specialized clinics offer quality surrogacy services to patients from across different parts of the world. As per this bill, a woman who is at least 25 years can become a surrogate mother and carry the baby in her womb, thus providing them with a baby at the end of the procedure. When the baby is born, the surrogate mother surrenders all the rights. This bill was introduced under the guidance of the expert lawyers in Kenya with the name of "The Reproductive Healthcare Bill, 2014". This bill created a positive aura about surrogacy and related useful healthcare facilities in the country. In this bill, different aspects of gestational surrogacy are mentioned in details. The important aspects of this type of surrogacy, which are explained in the bill, include right to gestational surrogacy, agreement between surrogate and intended parents. The consent of both the partners and genetic origin of the child also form some of the basic components of the bill. The timing of fertilization of surrogate mother is also explained in detail in this bill. It has also specified that maternal care of best quality shall be offered with assistance of medical practitioners, clinical officers, nurses, and community health workers. (Source: Sensible Surrogacy)

    Who can positively choose and undergo surrogacy procedure in Kenya?

    All couples including lesbians, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, ally, pansexual and Heterosexual can choose for surrogacy procedure in Kenya. But still make sure to get a reality check with a Ela legal team who specializes in legalities related to infertility treatments, before opting for surrogacy procedure in Kenya.

    Eligibility Criteria for Surrogates in Kenya:

    A woman who becomes a surrogate in Kenya, needs to pass all the below legal rules and findings.

    • The age of the surrogate must be above 25 years of age.
    • The surrogate must be free from any major healthcare and even genetic disorder
    • The education profile of potential surrogate must be considered before finalizing the surrogate.
    • She must possess experience of being pregnant and delivering a baby in the past for contributing to the pregnancy in a peaceful manner.
    • The potential surrogate must not have any contradictory situations at home.

    Advantages of Surrogacy procedure in Kenya:

    There are several benefits which motivates couples to opt for surrogacy procedure in Kenya:

    • Couples who are opting for surrogacy procedures in Kenya have the legal advantage to choose the sex of the baby – a baby girl or a baby boy. This is not allowed in most other countries across the world.
    • The surrogacy procedure is available in the country of Kenya at much lower costs than other countries.
    • The success Rates are much higher when it comes to PGD and PGS.

    What is Surrogacy procedure with Egg Donor?

    Surrogacy with egg donor involves the usage of donor eggs retrieved from the donors who fulfill the eligibility criteria of egg donation for the Surrogacy procedure to take place. Such type of surrogacy is useful in cases where a same-sex couple (Lesbian or Gay) opts for surrogacy or if the female partner's egg quality is not fit for formation of embryo to be used for the surrogacy procedure.

    What is Guaranteed Surrogacy Program?

    Guaranteed Surrogacy Program is the program under which the surrogate mother may undergoes one of several procedures of IVF until a successful pregnancy is achieved.

    Rise of infertility in Kenya and around the Globe:

    Dr. Rasha Kelej, CEO of Merck Foundation has specified in an interview with Capital FM News that one out of every four couple in Kenya face fertility related issues and one out of every six couples around the globe face fertility issues. One of the notable problems for couples that have been diagnosed with infertility is that infertility does not comprise of any prominent symptoms till it reaches the stage where it is completely irreversible. In Africa, top infertility experts have recorded that at least 25 percent of the couples are infertile in their reproductive age. It is also a common thing to note that majority of these cases go unnoticed and untreated forever. (Source: Capital News)

    Secondary infertility is also one of the major concerns for couples where the woman has conceived and given birth to one baby. After this, she is unable to get pregnant due to infertility issues, many a times because of age or because of some STD. In such cases, a couple needs to consult an experienced infertility specialist, as there is a high possibility of a case of secondary infertility. In Africa, around 11 percent of the total number of infertility cases are effectively categorized under secondary type of infertility cases, which require timely and best quality infertility treatments. According to the statistics given by infertility experts across the globe, it has been found that in the year span 1990 to 2010, the cases of infertility have drastically increased in different parts of South Africa and some parts of Western Africa. Some of the challenges, which people in these rural parts of the country face are linked to affordability to the infertility treatments. Dr. Kelej has also mentioned that it is essential to bring positive changes in the mindset to prevent any kind of setbacks for women who want to conceive in such rural areas of Africa. There are no specific numbers collected by the government but it is clearly visible that the numbers of infertility cases are on the rise not only in Kenya but also in other parts of the world. Male and female infertility issues equally contribute to infertility issues among couples as found by researchers. At times, unexplained infertility also forms a major reason for occurrence of infertility problems in couples.

    Dr. Kelej has offered some of her expert suggestions during the interview that how people in Kenya can deal with growing infertility issues. Merck Foundation is working its best in serving women in different parts of Kenya and Africa so that she can conceive successfully and start their happy families. They also take initiative to train medical specialists and embryologists to serve patients with quality infertility treatments in several developing countries across the world.

    Latest in News: Surrogacy in Kenya:

    As per one of the international reports published by a well known website, it is found that the use of surrogacy treatments is on the rise for different parts of Kenya – mostly for Nairobi. Also, there is an increase in the number of Kenyan and foreign nationals who are willing on their own to become surrogate. This would surely help couples travelling from other countries, to have babies with the help of these surrogates. According to the statistics record of Nairobi In Vitro Fertilization Centre, around 20 couples took assistance of surrogate mothers to conceive a baby and give birth to the same. This is a statistics for the year 2014 and in the past 4 years, the same number has increased manifolds, which has lead to development of several happy and healthy families. (Source: RFI)

    In one of the interviews of Dr. Rasha Kelej who is the CEO of Merc Foundation - she clearly mentioned that adoption is a prominent solution for infertile couples to have a baby. But she accepts and declares the fact that it is not a preferred solution among couples who are planning to get treated for infertility problems and start with their families. Most of the couples in present times willingly agree for Surrogacy. They want to try for infertility treatments despite facing several failures, as there is a significant amount of social barrier when adoption is chosen. She has specifically mentioned that despite presence of several orphans with children, who want to get adopted, the number of couples going for infertility treatments is immense and ever increasing. (Source: SDE)

    Link of STD's with the occurrence of Infertility in patients across the Globe:

    Many Infertility issues in couples are linked with sexually transmitted diseases (STD's). As per some of the in-depth medical researches, it is found that Chlamydia, which is a commonly occurring sexually transmitted disorder, is proven as a major cause of infertility problem of couples. Dr. Omanwa, Secretary General of Kenya Obstetrical and Gynecological Society (KOGS), has specified that one out of every three cases visiting the gynecologist is associated with infertility issues caused due to some form of STD. It is found that most of the infertility cases occur because of blockage in the fallopian tubes or urethral tubes. These conditions mostly occur as a result of STD's in such women across the globe. One of the healthcare websites has mentioned that STD is a bacterial disease, which increases the chances of occurrence of ectopic pregnancy and inflammation of the cervix in women. STD has a high probability of causing epididymitis in men, which hinders the functioning of tubes, which carries sperms. Endometriosis is also very common among women across the globe and most couples that visit Kenya are suffering from the same. Out of different symptoms, painful periods are one of the earliest symptoms, which are quite prominent in women. Such medical conditions significantly reduce the chances of conception up to 40 percent. As per one of the in-depth medical based reports published by World Bank in the year 2016, it was firmly concluded that fertility rates reduced to more than half in the time frame of 1965 to 2016. This was majorly because of the evolving changes in lifestyle and increased stress levels in daily life. The normal sperm count has also reduced from 200 to 70 million, which had to be considered as normal under the guidance of experienced infertility experts. (Source: Standard Media)

    What Our Patients are saying