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  • Top Surrogate with High Pregnancy Rate
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  • Exceptional Surrogate Mother Care
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About ELA

Ela has partnerships with verified Surrogacy and IVF centres in Tbilisi and other major cities of Georgia. Ela has helped 3000+ couples from more than 60+ countries including the US, UK (Britain), Australia, Ireland, Belgium, Canada, New Zealand, Denmark, Netherlands, and many other countries across the world in completing their family.

The medical experts at Ela take care of all aspects of your family planning including:

One to one counselling session
Legal arrangements
Matched surrogate selection
Finally, making you ready for your baby’s arrival

Ela provides timely support and assistance to every patient and their family members with the right motivation. Ela specialists help-out patients in finding the right infertility specialist, finalizing the best hotel as per your budget as well as assistance in insurance coverage.

With Ela, you will get to know the right time to start your travel.
You will also receive a FREE consultation with an experienced infertility specialist even before you begin with your travel for your respective infertility treatments.

To us, nothing is more fulfilling than making your dreams of parenthood come true.

For Instant Booking please call+91 7899912611

Process of Surrogacy in Georgia for International Patients

People from across the globe visit Georgia for surrogacy because of higher quality treatment at affordable costs. Please check out the process of surrogacy for intended parents and kick start your beautiful journey of parenthood!

Request for FREE Consultation

To get started, fill in the Ela consultation form with your basic details. It just takes 30 seconds to fill and submit a form.

Discussion with Ela Experts

Share your concerns and medical problems with your dedicated Ela Specialist who will guide you further in your surrogacy treatment in Georgia.

Getting Quotes from Preferred Surrogacy Clinics in Georgia

After understanding your medical, financial and legal aspects, Ela helps you in getting quotes from reputed and verified fertility centres in Georgia.

Picking the one that suits your requirement

You can choose the best fertility centre which matches your financial and medical requirements.

Plan your travel to Georgia

Ela will help organize your travel arrangements so that you can visit the clinic and meet the surrogate mother in-person.

Entering into a Surrogacy Arrangement/Contract (legal part)

This will cover all the legal rights for intended parents, including that surrogate only carries the baby until birth.

Achieving Pregnancy through latest IVF technologies

For the health of future generations, Ela makes sure that modern reproductive technologies to be used during the process.

Completing the Delivery Process & Bringing your Baby Home

After the birth, the next part comes transfering of legal parenthood so that you can bring your baby home.

What people are saying


1. Is surrogacy legal in Georgia?

Yes. Compensated Surrogacy is absolutely legal in Georgia since 1997. Rules of surrogacy are made simple to allow international surrogacy in the country.

2. How much does surrogate mother cost in Georgia?

The total cost of surrogacy procedure in Georgia falls between $30,000 to $60,000. The package is all inclusive of the compensation and medical care of the surrogate mother, legal expenses and other miscellaneous cost during the procedure. On an average, a surrogate mother is being paid in the range from $15,000 to $20,000.

3. What are the benefits of surrogacy in Georgia?

The benefits of surrogacy procedure in Georgia are as follows:

  • The cost of the surrogacy procedure is much lower than that in other developed countries.
  • The surrogate mothers in Georgia are very professional and maintain proper hygienic condition.
  • Infertile couples can now cherish parenthood with the help of surrogacy procedure.

4. Who can apply for surrogacy in Georgia?

Heterosexual couples from different parts of the world can opt for surrogacy procedure in Georgia.

5. Who can become a surrogate mother in Georgia?

A prospective surrogate mother in Georgia needs to fulfill the following conditions:

  • Should age between 19 to 35 years
  • Needs to be a mother of at least one child
  • Should be physically and mentally fit to become a surrogate
  • Shall not smoke or drink
  • Should be in good socio-economic condition

6. What is Surrogacy with Egg Donor?

Surrogacy with Egg Donor is also done in Georgia country. One can choose an egg donor from a large database of thousands of donors.

Egg donor with Surrogacy is utilized in the following scenarios:

  • When the female partner has a low ovarian reserve count, or
  • Premature ovarian failure

7. What is Guaranteed Surrogacy Program?

Guaranteed Surrogacy program is a program in which a surrogate mother undergoes unlimited number of IVF cycles till the baby is successfully delivered.