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    Finding an Authorized Surrogacy Centre with Ela

    • Cost Effective & Guaranteed Surrogacy Program
    • Highest Pregnancy Success Rate
    • Legal Support to Ensure Lawful Rights Over the child

    Get Free Consultation!

    Note: Ela doesn't charge any thing for its Services to its patients and all our services are FREE and Transparent. *T&C Apply
    Surrogacy Center

    Ela has surrogacy centres and clinics all over India and world to provide satisfactory surrogacy treatment to the patients. Ela has successfully helped 1000+ couples in completing their family needs with the help of surrogacy.

    Get Connected with the Highly Rated and Authorized Surrogacy Hospital today and start your Surrogacy treatment fearlessly with full confidence and trust.

    Who can Take Surrogacy Services from Ela

    • Married Couples
    • Single Parent/ Man/ Woman
    • LGBT (Gay or Lesbian) Couples

    Role of Ela in Providing Surrogacy Treatment

    • Guaranteed Surrogacy: With Ela, you get assured surrogacy plan which guarantees successful delivery of a baby with surrogacy.
    • Complete Legal and Financial Assistance: Ela provides 24*7 Legal and Financial support to its patients to help them in completing their dreams of parenthood.
    • Psychological and Emotional Support: Ela specialists provide required emotional support to the patients to help them in taking the wise and smart decision.
    • Understanding Your Medical Requirements: Ela specialists are medical experts and they understand your medical concerns and requirements to provide you with the full support.
    • Lowest Cost Guaranteed: Ela’s provides high quality and international standard treatment at cost effective prices.
    • Ensuring Matched Surrogate: Ela has a large pool of database which makes it possible to find the best possible surrogate matching your needs.
    • Protecting Your Legal Rights over Baby:Ela ensures that the legal agreement is properly drafted to protect the rights of intended parents over the baby.
    • Maintaining Transparency and Confidentiality: Ela services are completely transparent and it keeps its patients data confidential and secure.

    Process of Surrogacy Treatment with Ela

    • Fill a FREE Consultation Form:

      Fill an easy and basic consultation form on Ela’s website to show your interest. The form completion and submission take less than a minute to start with.

    • Have a Detailed Interaction with Surrogacy Experts:

      Once we receive your online application, Ela’s regional Surrogacy Specialist will connect you to take your treatment process to the next level.

    *Note: Ela does not charge its patient at any step of the treatment. The entire treatment cost is made directly to the surrogacy clinics.

    What Our Patients are saying

    Services Offered by Surrogacy Clinic

    A medically accredited surrogacy clinic provides the below mentioned services to ensure smooth treatment.

    • Medical Screening of Surrogate: Once you finalize the surrogate, the surrogacy clinic ensures background and medical history investigation of the surrogate to take a step further in the treatment. The clinic also diagnose the surrogate for medical conditions such as diabetes, thyroid or any genetic disorder which can be passed to the baby.
    • Carrying out IVF Process: The clinic carries out medical procedures such as egg retrieval and embryo transfer using latest IVF techniques to ensure highest pregnancy success rate.
    • Pregnancy Test: After 2 weeks of embryo transfer into the surrogate, the surrogacy centre carries out pregnancy test to confirm pregnancy.
    • Antenatal Care: Once the pregnancy is achieved, the surrogate is taken care on a regular basis in the terms of medical needs. She is given supplements and proper guidance to ensure healthy development of the baby.

    How to Find the Best Surrogacy Clinic?

    Finding the best and reliable surrogacy clinic is a time consuming task. You can find a surrogacy centre by yourself or with the help of an agency. But finding a surrogacy clinic with Ela has certain advantages over any other method. Ela uses its data driven proprietary algorithm to deliver the best results in finding the clinic.

    Benefits of Finding a Surrogacy Clinic with Ela

    All clinics listed by Ela are
    • Medically accredited
    • Reliable and authorized
    • Transparent in its operation
    • Provides cost effective treatment
    • Within your budget and location