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quotesLegal Assistance at its best

We have our baby just because of Ela! Because of certain cost related issues with our first IVF centre, the doctor was not ready to go ahead with out last FET transfer and it was all because of Ela’s legal and Business team I was able to retrieve our little hope. Now we are proud parents and will always thank Ela for the support.

By: Ramula Das, Kolkata
quotesTransparent Practices for All

After trying for 7 years,we were able to have our first kid. Even before my flight to India, they had arranged all our Hospital appointments, travel, visa, & legal documentation at no extra costs. Ela is a perfect portal for complete medical treatment arrangement. We were given the same assistance & pricing as the Indians without any extra hidden cost.

By: Rosanne and Simon Washbrook, London
quotesMultiple Opinions at Fingertips

Ela walked alongside our fertility journey to help us achieve the happiness of parenthood. Apart from suggesting best doctor, once we finalized the doctor, Ela provided complete support during the treatment and thus we got the best-assured healthcare experience including second, third and multiple opinions across the nation.

By: Romani and Sheehan Rajput, Pune
quotesPerfect Fertility Platform

Apart from their website, Ela gives access to ‘Ela Connect’ the best technology platform to allow for eliminating all friction points in your fertility journey - from multiple Fertility Specialist Appointments to Diagnostics tests, Loan assistance, Legal aspects, medicinal requirements and where possible helping you naturally conceive through their Mobile App.

By: Anjali and Ankit Jain, Bangalore

Success Rates

With Ela you are in the right hands! Ela has facilitated more than 21500+ successful cases, be it for IVF, ICSI, IUI, Surrogacy or FET. Below are our live birth rates for some of the Specific treatments (in 2017).

success rates

IVF Success Rates

Typical IVF and ICSI success rates across the world, for all age groups and all hospitals is between 30% and 37% per cycle. Success rates in IVF is dependent on the following key factors:

  • The age and general health of the woman. This includes ovarian reserve, hormone levels and her general body conditions – diabetes, hypertension, thyroid profile, PCOS, stress levels etc.
  • The stimulation protocol that is being used by the doctor. Based on the expertise of the fertility specialist, any one protocol may be more effective or less effective.
  • The hormone injections and IVF media used – Based on the manufacturing facility, the quality controls imposed and the process followed, different injections may give different results in similar situations.
  • The hospital infrastructure – This plays a key role, especially the operation theatre where the egg pick up is done and the embryology lab where the fertilization through IVF or ICSI is done.
  • The specialists – The fertility specialist, the embryologist, the andrology lab in-charge and the support staff –all play a very important role.

Ela scores very high on all of the above criteria. We make sure that our selected partners have the best infrastructure, the best panel of specialists, usage of the best injections and media and continuously upgrade their treatment protocols to adopt the latest enhancements in technology. We make sure that the patients are mapped to the right Specialist panel based on their Fertility issue and past medical stimulations if any. Our partners are regularly verified, to make sure that the best injections and best IVF media are used for the process. We make sure that all our partner specialist panels have the right people with the required expertise and have at least handled more than 2000 IVF cycles, before they can operate on our patients. These are the reason why our success rates have been phenomenal and rising from 61% (in 2015) to 81.74% (in 2017) in ICSI. We have been consistently reporting more than 79% success across all our Partners. These rates are even higher for donor embryo cycles and blastocyst transfer cycles to reach close to 84.21%(in 2017).

ivf success rates
Over 500,000 Patients
from 167 countries
iui success rates
Over 1.2 Million Patients

from 167 countries

IUI Success Rates

Typical IUI success rates across the world, for all age groups and at all hospitals is between 10% and 17% per cycle. Some centres are able to show very good success rates while some are not. Success rates in IUI is dependent on the following key factors:

  • Based on research it has been found that the highest chances are at an age close to 21 because at that age the lady is at her peak fertility with 90% of her eggs perfectly normal. However this chances goes down with age, and plunges rather radically after the age of 36.
  • The expertise of the Doctor or Specialist to handle similar situations in the past including their past performance rate.
  • The Medication and stimulation protocol that is used. Based on the expertise of the fertility specialist, the protocol may be more effective or less effective.
  • The infrastructure – This plays a key role, especially the theatre where the process is conducted. If these are not maintained as per the best of standards, then success rates dip drastically.

At Ela, we have had an amazing success in IUI because of our continuous research and gathering of millions of data pointers, to map the patient’s fertility issue to the right Hospital or IUI Doctor based on his/her experience and expertise. We have complex algorithms running on data collected over last 11 years giving the perfect tech platform for all our patients. We make sure that the best stimulants are used in the perfect environment by our Partner Doctors. Across the last 3 years, we have seen a continuous rise in our success rates – from 24.4% (in 2015) to 48.65% (in 2017). The rise is based on the numerous process enhancements with our partners including data mapping of fertility issues, selection of best stimulation protocol and understanding all medical history of our incoming patients.



" We were searching for IUI centres as we were not able to conceive for many years and after some weeks of struggle we called Ela and they suggested some centres to us. We visited 2 centres and the best centre was SCI. SCI doctor was very professional, as she understood our problems. We took the treatment of IUI from SCI IVF centre and it’s a success. We believe that Ela recommendations worked best for us and Pooja really helped us to succeed. Thank you Ela!"

By- Mujib and Jeenat Sumani
Treatment: IUI

"We are happy that we got our IVF successful in First Attempt by Southern Gem Hospital, Hyderabad. We were searching for IVF since last 6 months, but we were not satisfied with the doctors and IVF services, then we called Ela and they explained everything to us in detail and cleared all our doubts regarding IVF treatment. Ela Woman extends the helping hand to all the childless couples. My happiest moment was when we got my wife Beta-HCG test positive and the first call I made was to Ela to thank them."

By- Vinod and Rohini Patkar
Treatment: IVF

"While searching for infertility treatments, I found Ela and put a query regarding infertility treatments. I got a call from Parul and she explained me the concepts of IVF and how Ela can help you get the best treatment in Delhi. Parul recommended us Baby Joy, as we wanted high success rate centres in Delhi. We were happy that centre maintained the transparency in the IVF treatment and Ela’s regular support was very helpful for us. We are 2 months pregnant and hoping for good news soon!"

By- Ravi and Pooja Sinha
Treatment: IVF

"Since last 2 months I was confused that whether I should go for ivf or not? I contacted Ela regarding this and Pallavi helped me to prepare my mind for the IVF treatment and answered all my questions. With bits of free consultation and discounts, Ela helped me a lot. I was a bit confused between 2 centres but Ela’s recommendation of taking the treatment from Apollo finally gave me positive results. Centre’s staff was very friendly and supportive, Pallavi keep motivating me till the end. Ela helped me a lot... I am pregnant and I am looking forward to a beautiful future. Waiting for my baby!!"

By- Priya and Raj Kapoor
Treatment: IVF

"Our first attempt from Aveya IVF is a success and we are really happy about it. I am an army man and remain busy, so it was hard to go to many hospitals and take consultations from doctors. I told Pragya, who was handling my case, that I couldn’t invest much time in searching here and there and want a centre with high success rate near to our location. She suggested Dr. Nisha from Aveya. She is a great doctor, after consultation, we took hardly 1 day to finalize our treatment. Easygoing process and I am happy that I have my own baby after such a long wait. Thanks everyone who helped us in our journey."

By- Basant and Satyawati Khanna
Treatment: Surrogacy

"We took our treatment through Ela Partnered IVF centre - Nova IVF centre - and was completely amazed with their professionalism and service. Ela fixed my first appointment free and also helped me get discounts on the treatment cost. My IVF was a great success and Ela service helped me find the perfect doctor. They helped me locate the best fixate in light of my financial plan and now we have a little child. The specialist was stunning in help and the staff truly sweet. I must thank Ela for helping me through the fertility treatment."

By- Rohan and Priya Shrivastav
Treatment: IVF