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Ela recommendation and support is based on an extensive research and data sets of over 61,200+ successful baby birth cases in last few years. Our algorithms compare doctor experience, treatment prices, hospital infrastructure, Centre facilities, offerings, IVF Success rates and your medical history to chalk out the best possible treatment and Specialist for your Journey. In this journey, we have had the privilege to receive mentorship from deeply experienced Experts

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Ela doesn't charge anything for its Services to its patients and all our services are

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Compared to Traditional Ways

Traditional methods of fertility awareness either rely on single parameter or are very cumbersome to keep a track of the fertility signs.The traditional ways of finding the best clinic for a fertility treatment depended on words of mouth and unreliable sources - not backed by any data or research. These never result into desired outcome as each couple has different medical needs and general views can never hold to the right success rate chances for IVF, IUI or Surrogacy.

Ela’s technology has created a unique way to find out the best fertility centre and accurate treatment for a couple. The key feature of Ela’s algorithm is that it has an extensive database of over 132000+ patients which has helped Ela in designing an algorithm to help the couples with the best fertility solution according to their medical needs within their budget.

Ela's Technology

Ela’s technology is built under the guidance of the top data scientists, infertility specialists, gynaecologists and obstetricians across the country. Ela’s algorithm makes sure that the patients are provided with transparent and unbiased solution for their infertility issues.

Ela - A Patented Technology

Over the years, Ela has developed multiple patents in the field of women's health especially focused on
managing fertility and reproductivity.

Fertility Treatment Diagnostic Calculator

Fertility treatment diagnostic calculator is a technology based tool, which eases the stress from couples and helps them in finding the right infertility treatment required in their case to conceive a baby. The calculator considers 42 female and male health factors for predicting the accurate result. The recommendations are unbiased and factor driven for the welfare of the couples. It also analyses all diagnostic reports of the couples. The results are given to the couples in an easy to understand way by the Doctor team as part of suggestions.

Fair Treatment Cost Calculator

Fair Treatment Cost is the calculator which will help couples to know the apt infertility treatment cost. You will find the cost of the chosen infertility treatment within 5 seconds, free of cost. The information is based on the data sciences and possesses algorithmic approach to its core.

The results provided by Ela’s algorithm to the patients are based on proven research, performed by infertility specialists and experts over more than a decade.

Ela's Research

Recently, Ela’s research team also performed a cohort study of 1482 selected users/patients (aged between 18 to 39 years from different geographies) to predict the accuracy of Ela’s Technology and Algorithms. These users used Ela’s mobile-application to feed in data for a combined 5691 menstrual cycles.

Table below shows several of those fertility signs and body parameters of users that were collected for Ela’s research:

Previous cycle Start
date and Average
cycle length (days)
Days of
Menstural low
Heart Rate
28-29 Days
4-5 days
Dry, Sticky,
Creamy, Egg
Low Hard open,
Low Hard Close,
High Soft Open,
High Soft Close
Based on

*Basal Body Temperature (BBT) : Your body temperature changes due to hormonal changes during a menstrual cycle. Ela’s algorithm is trained to identify your fertility window based on the changes in your basal body temperature. Body temperature rises during ovulation phase making it a good indicator to detect fertility window.

**Resting Heart Rate (HR) : Resting Heart Rate (HR) is the number of heartbeats per minute. Its typical value for an adult lies between 60 to 100 beats per minute. Generally, a low HR indicates rest, while a high HR corresponds with exercise or exertion. The resting heart rate varies in your body based on the phase of the menstrual cycle. With Ela’s technology by observing heart rate parameter, we are able to establish a robust correlation between heart rate and different phases of menstrual cycle.

Ela’s Patented Algorithm

Ela’s Patented Algorithm finds out the ovulation day based on the previous cycles and cycle length. The fertile window is calculated with the help of these information. User’s prime health information is then utilized for ensuring successful pregnancy.

Below table in lines the other patented processes which when inputted into the system, further increases the accuracy of the Ela Algorithm to 98.7%.

Process Conducted over BBT
charity (combined with BBT)
Muscus (CM)
Position (CP)
Both CM
and CP
Resting Heart Rate
Variability (RHRS)
All three- Heart Rate
varibility, CM, CP
Accuracy of

This means that once the user starts inputting her complete vitals in the App with good regularity the App gets intelligent enough to take the accuracy of prediction to as high as 98.7%, while forecasting the fertile window. Ela recommends its users to use the App comprehensively and input key parameters including BBT, CM and CP regularly in the App.

What people are saying

Shraddha Goswami
Thank you Ela for sharing wonderful insights on the science behind conceiving a baby. It is really interesting to know about human reproduction system in a detailed way.
Christina Ross
I have been using Ela app sincerely for past 1 year and I can say it works awesome. I conceived my baby within 3 months of using it. Now, I am using it for tracking my pregnancy. It is very easy and seamless to use.
Serena Patwary
I did not know about ovulation. But Ela technology helped me in understanding everything in detail about the concept of BBT, cervical mucucs, heart rate variability and its impact on ovulation.
Sandra Bunda
I can say that Ela technology is very precise and accurate because I conceived my first baby because of Ela after struggling for 2 years. Thanks to the creators of Ela app for creating this wonderful technology.

Ela’s Algorithm and Technology will help the users in identifying the best suitable fertility treatment and clinic based on their medical requirements.

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