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Ela Patented Algorithm predicts ovulation and fertile window accurately by 98.7% using Heart Rate Variability, BBT, Vaginal Discharge, Cervical Position and Sleep Patterns

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Compared to Traditional Ways

Traditional methods of fertility awareness either rely on single parameter or are very cumbersome to keep a track of the fertility signs.

But Ela’s algorithm takes into account various health vitals from user’s body by syncing with health devices like Fitbit & Google Fit and augments itself with other physical and emotional parameters. Ela derives data insights about fertility, ovulation and overall menstrual cycle and gets intelligent day by day.

Ela Research

Ela’s technology is build in collaboration with fertility scientists, professors and expert gynecologists and obstetricians in the field of women's health. The mathematical-model built for menstrual cycle and fertility prediction is more than 98.7% accurate. With an esteemed team of doctors and academic professors behind Ela science, Ela has become the world's largest fertility platform providing entire gamut of services right from fertility awareness, tracking, discussions & treatments. All these esteemed individuals form an integral part of Ela’s scientific advisory board.

Ela- A Patented Technology

Over the years, Ela has developed multiple patents in the field of women's health especially focused on managing fertility and reproductivity.

Device and Method to determine Fertility Window based on Skin Temperature and Heart Rate Variability

It presents device and a method to predict fertile window of a female by analyzing user’s skin temperature and change in resting heart rate recorded at regular time intervals. The obtained data is collected for a particular user over a period of multiple menstrual cycles.

System and Method to Track and Predict Female Fertility Phase and determine chances of Conception

It provides a system and method to collect and chart fertility signs and track fertile timing and ovulation of female during menstrual cycle thereby improving the odds of conception by female. Further, based on predicted fertile window, various coitus positions are suggested to improve the chances of conception.

"Several Clinical trials including focus groups and experiments have been conducted over the years to perfect Ela’s prediction algorithm in the field of Women Fertility."

Ela's Research

Recently, Ela’s research team also performed a cohort study of 1482 selected users/patients (aged between 18 to 39 years from different geographies) to predict the accuracy of Ela’s Technology and Algorithms. These users used Ela’s mobile-application to feed in data for a combined 5691 menstrual cycles.

Table below shows several of those fertility signs and body parameters of users that were collected for Ela’s research:

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Parameters CollectedPrevious cycle start date and Average Cycle length (days)Days of Menstrual flowBBT (manual)*Cervical mucusCervical positionOvulation test*Resting Heart Rate (ms)
Quality / Property28-29 days averageAverage 4-5 daysin oC / oFDry, Sticky, Creamy, Egg white, WateryLow Hard Open, Low Hard Close, High Soft Open, Low Hard CloseLH +, LH -Based on tracker inputs

* Basal Body Temperature (BBT): Your body temperature changes due to hormonal changes during a menstrual cycle. Ela’s algorithm is trained to identify your fertility window based on the changes in your basal body temperature. Body temperature rises during ovulation phase making it a good indicator to detect fertility window.

** Resting Heart rate: Resting Heart Rate (HR) is the number of heartbeats per minute. Its typical value for an adult lies between 60 to 100 beats per minute. Generally, a low HR indicates rest, while a high HR corresponds with exercise or exertion. The resting heart rate varies in your body based on the phase of the menstrual cycle. With Ela’s technology by observing heart rate parameter, we are able to establish a robust correlation between heart rate and different phases of menstrual cycle.

Ela's Patented Algorithm

Ela’s patented algorithm computes ovulation day (including Average Ovulation Day over 6 cycles), cycle length, and luteal phase length; based on which the fertile window is calculated. It is then perfected over a six period cycles based on user health vitals which is further tuned basis machine learning techniques. Processes have been defined in the below tables with the achieved accuracy at each stage.

Below table in lines the other patented processes which when inputted into the system, further increases the accuracy of the Ela Algorithm to 98.7%.

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Process Conducted over BBT Charting (combined with BBT)Cervical Mucus (CM)Cervical position (CP)Both CM and CPResting Heart Rate Variability (RHRV)All Three - Heart Rate Variability, CM, CP
Accuracy of Prediction92%91.6%94%94.5%98.7%

This means that once the user starts inputting her complete vitals in the App with good regularity the App gets intelligent enough to take the accuracy of prediction to as high as 98.7%, while forecasting the fertile window. Ela recommends its users to use the App comprehensively & input key parameters including BBT, CM and CP regularly in the App.

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With Ela’s Algorithm, users can detect accurate fertile window even for those whose cycle length and periods are highly variable.
Be Strong, Stay Strong!
- Ela Research Team

What people are saying

Shraddha Goswami
Thank you Ela for sharing wonderful insights on the science behind conceiving a baby. It is really interesting to know about human reproduction system in a detailed way
Christina Ross
I have been using Ela app sincerely for past 1 year and I can say it works awesome. I conceived my baby within 3 months of using it. Now, I am using it for tracking my pregnancy. It is very easy and seamless to use.
Serena Patwary
I did not know about ovulation. But Ela technology helped me in understanding everything in detail about the concept of BBT, cervical mucucs, heart rate variability and its impact on ovulation.
Sandra Bunda
I can say that Ela technology is very precise and accurate because I conceived my first baby because of Ela after struggling for 2 years. Thanks to the creators of Ela app for creating this wonderful technology.
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