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Ela Refer and Earn Program

Get Rewarded for Inviting Your Friends to Use Ela. You can earn Paytm Cash of FLAT Rs. 5,000 for referring each friend to Ela who is trying to have a Baby and wants to go for either IVF (Test Tube Baby). Ela is also rewarding you for referrals into Pregnancy Delivery, IUI, Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy.

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Now you can help your relatives, neighbors, friends, and acquaintances with successful infertility treatments. Share the details of the person by filling the form and both of you can reap the benefits of the referral program. You will get flat Rs. 5000/- as Paytm cashback reward and your friend will get FLAT 3% off on his/her IVF treatment.

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  • Your referred friend must share a written consent that he/she has been referred by you to Ela.
  • When your friend starts an IVF treatment through Ela, only then you will be eligible for the Paytm Cash.
  • If your friend just takes consultation without taking any IVF treatment, then you are not eligible for any paytm cash.
  • Paytm cash amount depends on the type of treatment taken by your friend.

Paytm cash amount depends on the type of treatment taken by your friend.

For IVF treatment

Rs. 5,000 cashback

For Pregnancy Delivery

Rs. 1,000 cashback

For IUI, Laparoscopy & Hysteroscopy

Rs. 500 cashback

Be a Part of Ela Referral Program

What Our Patients are saying


1. How does ‘Ela Refer and Earn’ Program work?

“Ela Refer and Earn Program” gives you a chance to earn Rs. 5000 if your friend takes an IVF treatment through Elawoman. It proves to be beneficial for the person who refers another person - (i.e. you) as well as the person who utilizes the services of Ela as Ela has multiple offers/ discounts available for all kinds of Test tube Baby treatments.

2. How can I refer a friend to earn the cashback?

The process is absolutely hassle-free. Once you come to know that a friend of yours is searching for an infertility specialist/gynecologist, you just need to bring him in contact of Ela by filling the form at the top. While referring him to Ela, it is important that you friend agrees that you have referred him/ her to Ela over a written email at care@elawoman.com. You need to understand that your friend needs to take treatment in form of IVF along with consultation for successful transfer of the Paytm cashback.

3. Will I receive the cashback only via Paytm mode?

Yes. Right now, we are offering referral incentives via Paytm cashback only. We will soon move on to other cashback platforms too for ease and better experience of customers.

4. Is there any limit to the number of individuals whom I can refer to Elawoman?

Absolutely not! You are free to refer to an infinite number of couples who are genuinely interested in consulting and getting treated with success via Elawoman.

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