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CHL Jain Diwakar Hospital - Ratlam
Gynecology & Infertility

Mohan Nagar | Ratlam

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    • Surrogacy Cost: - Rs. 950,000
  • Gynecological Problems, Follicular Monitoring, Blastocyst Culture and Transfer, Intra Cytoplasmic...

Surrogacy Centres in Ratlam as the Last Hope for Childless Couples

Best Surrogacy Centres in Ratlam

Surrogacy is a great achievement of modern science, which has given infertile couples the chance to enjoy fundamental rights of parenting children. It is an arrangement supported by legal agreement between the intended parents and a surrogate mother who agrees to become pregnant and carry the baby, give birth to the child and hand over the baby to the biological parents. Millions of couples across the world yearn for a child and when natural conception or conventional fertility treatment options like In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) fail, then surrogacy becomes the only last alternative. India has been a popular destination for surrogacy since 2002 also for foreigners due to flexible laws, highly specialized doctors and high success rates. Surrogacy centres in Ratlam stands at the forefront of surrogacy services as they provide moral, emotional, ethical and most advanced technical support to couples who are trying out to find a solution to fulfill their dream of a family at affordable surrogacy cost.

Why Choose Surrogacy Centres In Ratlam?

Surrogacy centres in Ratlam have been successful in providing high success rate surrogacy services to patients at least legal requirements. The cost of surrogacy at IVF centres in Ratlam is reasonable and surrogacy centres in Ratlam largely help couples who could not conceive through other ART treatments. It is this mission that all the doctors- embryologist, ultra-sonologists, andrologists, IVF experts and psychologist in these surrogacy centres are trying to full fill. Lawyers in Ratlam are also easy to acquire who help in making a legal document, under strict guidelines. Here are a few reasons why you should choose surrogacy centres in Ratlam:

Advantages of Surrogacy in Ratlam

Procedures Followed For Surrogate Mother/Intended Parents/ Egg Donor in Surrogacy Centres In Ratlam

Who Can Opt Surrogacy In Ratlam?

Some women are unable to conceive a baby through infertility treatments like In-Vitro Fertilization(IVF) or Intrauterine Insemination (IUI). This can be a result of failure of the embryo to implant, repeated miscarriage, hysterectomy or a pelvic disorder. Some women experience problems such as dangerously high blood pressure, a heart condition or liver disease, and these women can face serious health risk during pregnancy. Such patients seek options of surrogacy.Surrogacy is recommended for patients who cannot conceive a baby to term due to:

Typical Treatment Chart and Steps Taken in Surrogacy Centres in Ratlam

Surrogacy centres in Ratlam offer a complete range of treatment options and have all necessary facility to help you have a baby.

Treatments Performed in Surrogacy Centres in Ratlam

  1. IVF / Gestational Surrogacy:This is the most preferred and common form of surrogacy. In this treatment procedure, a woman undergoes pregnancy created by the egg and sperm of the couple. The husband’s sperms through the process of In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) or Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) fertilizes the egg of the wife in a contained laboratory environment, and the embryo is transferred into the surrogate’s uterus. The surrogate carries the pregnancy for nine months until the baby is born. Gestational surrogacy can also be done by donor sperm and donor egg wherein the resulting child is genetically unrelated to the intended parents and surrogate.

Gestational Surrogacy is performed by IVF centres in Ratlam in the following cases:

  1. Surrogacy Using an Egg Donor:Sometimes parents, who choose to have a gestational surrogate carry their child, cannot genetically contribute to their offspring due to infertility problems nor do they wish to have their surrogate mother be the genetic mother. Parents in these situations usually rely on outside assistance via sperm and/or egg donation. In this process, the egg donor undergoes hormone therapy over the course of 2-3 weeks, which causes her ovaries to release more than one egg. Aroundfifteen eggs are usually harvested during a typical surgical procedure. The eggs are then inspected for quality and are immediately fertilized with sperm from the intended father or donor. The embryo is then inserted to the uterus of the surrogate mother to carry the child. This procedure is legal in several countries including India where due to excellent medical infrastructure, high international demand and ready availability of surrogates. Surrogacy centres in Ratlamall perform surrogacy using donor eggs and not surrogate’s eggs as it may lead to legal complication
  2. Altruistic Surrogacy:Altruistic surrogacy is a form of surrogacy where the surrogate mother receives no financial reward for her pregnancy on the relinquishment of the child. The altruistic surrogate can be a member of the family or a friend. They must be helping the intended parents without any kind of financial favor from them. They will only receive reimbursement for medical costs. In many countries, this is the only type of surrogacy that is legal.
  3. Commercial Surrogacy:Commercial Surrogacyis a form of surrogacy in which a gestational carrier receives financial reward to carry a child to maturity in her womb. This procedure is legal in several countries including in India, particularly in Ratlam where due to excellent medical infrastructure, high international demand and ready availability of surrogates, it is reaching industry proportions.

Gestational Surrogacy ServicesProvided by Surrogacy Centres in Ratlam

Ratlam surrogacy centresare known for providing all forms of gestational surrogacy services under one roof at reasonable prices:

Legal Aspect of Surrogacy in Ratlam

Surrogacy in Ratlam is much simpler and cost-effective than anywhere else in the world. There are an increasing amount of intended parents who choose Ratlam as their surrogacy destination. The main reason for this increase is lesser cost of surrogacy and better flexible laws. In 2008, the Court of India held that commercial surrogacy is permitted in India. That has again increased the interests of medical tourists going in for surrogacy in India. Ratlam is emerging as a leader insurrogacy procedures due to high success rate and wide options for surrogacy centres.

Surrogacy Cost in India

Surrogacy centres in Ratlam charge much lesser compared to US where it is much higher. Moreover, laws in the UK and US do not allow the surrogate woman to charge the childless couple; whereas in India there are no laws preventing a surrogate woman in accepting compensation for renting her womb.

Many surrogate arrangements are made through agencies that help match up intended parents with women who want to be surrogates for a fee. The agencies like Elawoman often help manage the complex medical and legal aspects involved in the process. Surrogacy arrangements can also be made independently but should be within the legal bonds.

Surrogacy cost in India is nearly one-third of the cost in Surrogacy than in other countries. Even traveling, boarding and lodging in quite inexpensive. There are different surrogacy packages for self-eggs, donor eggs and donor sperms. We even have an ensured take home baby package, which includes donor eggs. There is complete transparency as the schedule of payment is given to the patient at the time of signing all documents. Surrogacy centres in Ratlam do not have any hidden costs at any stage of the treatment, other than the stated package.

TheSurrogacy Cost in Ratlammay include:

Recruitment and Compensation

Surrogate Care

Legal and Other

Programs Performed in Surrogacy Centres in Ratlam

How Elawoman is Helping Infertile Couples Seek Surrogacy treatment in Ratlam?

Surrogacy centres in Ratlam are among the best and most successful provider of surrogacy in India. Infertility treatment facilitator like provides personal service and assistance to each and every intended parent from a wealth of resources, all in accordance with the actual needs of each intended parent. Elawoman is passionately dedicated to the vision of creating life and help you choose the best infertility doctors andsurrogacy centres in Ratlam.Call at + 91 7899912611.