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Finally got my PEAK!!! Wonder why my ovulation was 1 week late? Anyhoo time for my insemination 🤰🏻👨‍👩‍👧

Desiree Beaudoin

Ok so if you don't get a positive ovulation test does that mean I'm not ovulating or just missed it? Cuz I'm still getting my periods but I'm also still breast feeding my 9 month old... been ttc for 2 months but I never get any positive ovulation tests... take them same time everyday for about 7 days starting in first fertile day and on...

Desiree Beaudoin

The most depressing results! Especially with a very faint second line test yesterday! 😔


What the earliest I can test for pregnancy test. I'm 6 days till my period is due I'm having sore breast the past few days..