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Wendy M-J

Hi all. Has anyone used the premium Ela regarding PCOS? If so how useful is it?

Britt M

We finally got our first ultrasound this past Thursday. It was amazing seeing the little one for the first time. This is a very active baby. Thank God all is well.


This is a home pregnancy test with bleach thought I would give it a go does any ladies on here know if this is a positive or a negative .

Ashley Cooper

My period keeps changing and isn't consistent I'll start the 14th one month then the 18th the next month now I started the 27th this month how can I determine my fertil days

Wendy M-J

Hi all. This is my first time using this app. Does this work for women with PCOS? I have it and not sure when my next period would be. It's very irregular. 😢 any help would be great. Thanks