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Well got my period this morning.. Hopefully next month will be our month.. Stay hopeful ladies..


Period on this morning...😥😭😭😢

Lizzie K-C

AF was due 18-21 of March. Still no AF. Took 88 cent test about a week ago. BFN. Trying this one in the morning. Wish me luck, & good luck to all others TTC ❤


Currently 19 weeks 5 days pregnant and I was starting to get really worried I haven't felt any flutters or kicks yet but tonight I finally started feeling her move!!! It is absolutely the most amazing feeling and she moves so so so much! Not sure if I actually have felt her before since her kicks feel kinda strong for me to not have felt her before now but I'm just thankful I feel her now! So excited to meet my baby girl!


Hi ladies how are you guys doing? I have a few questions: So right before I started my period my boobs were really sore n I was getting very nauseous... Then my period came and my boobs were still hurting... So long story short I've been feeling really nauseous ever since n my boobs seem to be bigger.... It never happened until now. My sister in law thinks Im pregnant because I've been really moody But I don't want to get my hopes up... Anyone else experience something like that?????

Sonya Marie

Has anyone completely missed their period, And wasn't pregnant or how many days was your period late?. Another question... How long did it take you to get a for sure positive test back?


So I had a miscarriage and I know my doctor said wait but I really don't want to I want to get pregnant again asap so my question to anyone who has had on how long did you wait


My best days started yesterday and we had sex..should we have sex every day or every other day.. What would be a higher chance of convincing?


Is anyone else TTC after the removal of the Nexplanon birth control?? Or am I a lone warrior!? Hoping I'm not a one woman wolf pack


Question ladies my last day of AF was the 18th when can I start taking ovulation tests?