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Sex on the 5th, period 8-16th ovulation 21st, sex on 26th and then on the 28th I had spotting and been cramping since. Never normally cramp for this long before periods and never usually get spotting between periods doesn't seem like implantation is possible though, any theories 🤔


When do cravings start during pregnancy? I am almost 15 weeks pregnant with my little girl and I have yet to crave anything. I'm hungry a lot but I don't actually crave anything. I have always LOVED sweets but now I can't stand the sight of them which sucks. But I just wish I had some cravings so I'd know what I want to eat haha. Instead it's still aversions and nothing else haha. I would think by now I'd be in full blown craving mode!

Jessica Charbonneau

How old are all of you ladies where are you from and what do you all look like lol? 25 Toronto Canada me in pic


Slight sharp pain that comes and goes.. Its more on my left side but every now and then can feel it on my right side.. Right around my waistline is. Im 4dpo, what could this be? My period is due February 23rd