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So excited thanks Ela found out I'm pregnant yesterday after 2 months using this app. Thought it would take another 2 years! as it took this long to get my gorgeous 4 year old little girl. Can't wait to see what this one is! So happy x

Just Me

Don't know why I keep taking test😂😂 first doctor's appointment in 3 days!!😄😄

Britt M

We finally got our first ultrasound this past Thursday. It was amazing seeing the little one for the first time. This is a very active baby. Thank God all is well.


How I told husband we were expecting. On bc pills 8 years. Went off 2 months ago. Used ELA first month. Bought opks 2nd month, found out I ovulated 2 days later than ELA and and just got 2bfp! Elevated hips, drank 4oz of red wine at night, took rainbow prenatals for 2 months bd twice before O day