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Hey guys. My period is 2 days late.. Took a test last night and there was a faint second line..? You could see it but it wasn't dark. Am I pregnant? We've been trying for 4 months?


Hii this is my 23rd cd...when will i take pregnancy test..also 10dpo.. Symptoms: light abdomen cramps n lower back pain peeing also..

Silani 13

Has anyone ever had vivid dreams of beeing pregnant and or having a baby in your arms only to find out days later you are in fact pregnant? Share your story?


8weeks start tomorrow, calculating from the last period, when should I go for pelvic scan?


am I just seeing things? now these are dollar store tests should I get a more expensive 1?


Please reply me guys..am disappointed.. Tv remote fell in my stomach is this affect to getting pregnant..now am in 17th day of my cycle..please reply me..


Is there any symptoms of pregnant.Today my cycle day is 17.please tell me any symptoms that i am preganant..i am very much eager for ur answer