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I am soooooo happy. After 4 years of trying to get pregnant, the tests today said positive. I was so scared to take the test because I didn't want to be disappointed. I'm so happy I did.


Hi guys, I'm new here. Just downloaded the app today but I think I like what I see so far. I'm 27 and believe I am ready to have a baby. My fiance and I have been together for 4 years, known each other for about 10 years. Since we've been together we haven't used protection. It was one of those things where we weren't planning on having a baby yet but if it happened we would welcome the blessing. Problem is, we've haven't seem to be able to conceive. In 2016 I found out that I had pcos after not seeing my period for about 5 months then out of nowhere it came and was very very heavy with very huge clots throughout. That lasted for about 7 weeks. After that, my period only came every 3 months or so lasting 2 weeks or so up until November. In November my period lasted about 6 days with normal bleeding then stopped. December it came naturally and on time for 5 days and stopped. First day of last period was Dec 18. My period was to start from about the 16th but it hasn't. My breasts do feel tender, sometimes I do feel nauseated and I have slight cramps but I always feel this way before my period. I have always had pregnancy symptoms before my period so it would be very hard to use that as a judge. Over the last 3 years I've been so disappointed with the negative pregnancy tests and believe me it's been a lot that I am scared to go buy one and see that negative line now that I really want to have a baby. Do you guys think it may be my time now or should I wait to see if my period has gone back to be irregular?

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