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Tee Jay

How soon before I can know baby's sex?

Jessica Charbonneau

How old are all of you ladies where are you from and what do you all look like lol? 25 Toronto Canada me in pic

Tee Jay

I need a pal!! :) anyone here on clomid and now on the TWW?

Gauri Kubde

i was so happy being pregnant...3 months were close to complete....but...i had to abort my baby .....all was gud...but suddenly my babys heart stopped beating....plz god help me im shattered now....


Hi I'm new to this. But does this app work or as it worked for you in the past!

Tee Jay

Anyone pregnant at 6 weeks n eating like crazy? I am always hungry. I have to get food as soon as I 'think' I will be hungry..off I even have to wait a min, I feel as though am going to pass out..is this normal? Is it due to prenatals? Should I stop taking them?


I'm ovulating and my chest has been tight since yesterday, throwed up nothing but clear stuff last night. I honestly feel terrible. Is this feeling common during ovulation. #feelingterrible #dontleavemehanging #%25chancetoconcievetoday


Hey ladies I have a question im suppose to start my clomid this month so I had it in a bag but my husband thought it was empty and threw it away bc the bag was so light and now I can't find my clomid will my doctor give me a more meds for this month or do I have to wait another month before I start I'm feeling so upset right now I have cried for an hr I know it was an accident but I don't know if I can fix it


Ready for AF to come do I can start my Clomid and try this thing again. Good luck ladies!