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Has anyone got and advice as when I look online can't find no information and the doctor just told me to look online. But I found out I was pregnant on 4th March but started bleeding 7th March was diagnosed as having an ectopic pregnancy on th 12th March as several scans and bloods. My bloods finally went down to 5 hcg meaning I'm no longer pregnant on the 26th March. But I didn't have surgery or medication it all happen naturally as my body dealt with it. But they didn't say an average time on how long it would be till my period should come back as I have to wait for that to come before I can try again. This was my third pregnancy . First ended in a miscarriage. 2nd got my rainbow baby and 3rd ectopic. I just want to know if anybody else had an ectopic pregnancy that there body dealt with naturally without medication or sugary and how long your period took to come.


I found out today I'm pregnant. I'm still a virgin🤦‍♂️💆‍♀️. So yes it can happen, once there's an opening and your ovulating it can happen. Overwhelmed and happy at same time. So many questions....

Poonam Ankit Bhagat

Hello ladies can anyone tell me how to induce labour pain naturally at home coz I want normal delivery...


My AF didn’t show up today. But cramping so badly? Is any one pregnant and had period like cramps?


What is the earliest you have gotten a baby bump?


6 weeks along..It's 3:10 am here..throwing up alotttt... extremely extremely nauseous..😭😭from past 15 minutes..I don't know but I am crying too.. husband is away..and I don't know what to do..any instant remedy?? Please help.


I'm 7 weeks pregnant and I swear I've been feeling little flutters already! It's my 3rd baby. Anyone else feel anything this early or is this in my head?!


Quick question ladies... Is tightening on your lower stomach a good sign along with backache, cramping, breast twinges and feeling ridiculous sick?


First drs appointment today 6 weeks along , we are looking at a Halloween baby 😍