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Feeling so disappointed today to see a little brown spotting, was really hoping for some good news. 4months trying and no luck😢😢😢


Today it's cycle day 39 Tomorrow I'm going to test again and visit doctor Wish me luck please :) I'm 8 days late af already This is not normal for me Finger crossed hope everything go fine tomorrow.. strongly feeling like I'm pregnant

Blue Berry

3 weeks 5 days pregnant I'm staying ice cold hands and feet ....they said cold feet it's a Boy how true is that


Hi guys, I'm a bit confused, so I haven't had my period for 40 days well 5 weeks and on Thursday I started spotting and then bleeding, please help


Hello everyone, my period is 11days late now, 46 days cycle instead of 35 being having another of abdominal cramps, did a pregnancy test now and it was negative I am confused


Can you have a full AF and still be pregnant?