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Ladies can anybody help me please went for a orivate scan on Tuesday was suppose to be 8 weeks 4 days baby mesaured 7 weeks 1 day I am so worroed has this ever happend to anyone and have went on to have a healthy pregnancy and bundle of joy at the end if it


No fetal pole and cardiac activity seen at 8th week..i didn't even bleed...sadest day of my life...Tomorrow i have to go for abortion...


So I miscarried again at week 8 today.Embryo stopped growing and no heart beat this time although there was a heart beat previously.I am bleeding and cramping.It's painful.


Am 7 weeks 5 days but started brown spotting with mucus just as last time when I had miscarried. I miscarried again I think.


I am pregnant for 1 week 3 day and today morning i feel light shade of red blood spot...what it mean..i am so worried about this🤔😔😔


Ladies please help me . I am pregnant and I have cramps but I don t know if it s my Crohn's that is giving me this pain or early miscarriage I still have neausea sore breast but no blood . I am worried because I have already have had a miscarriage 8 weeks and carried until 12 weeks. What do I do help .


Am 7 weeks pregnant, have been taking my prenatal vitamins calcium etc but have severe pain at my shoulders and entire body , due to nausea can't eat properly .Doctors are not doing anything about it and it's v difficult for me even to care for my 17 months old


At 4 weeks 3 days there was only a thick uterine lining but nothing more ,at 5 weeks 4 days there was a gestational sac but no yolk sac then at 6 weeks 3 days there was a yolk sac with fetal pole but with no heart beat then at 7 weeks 2 days there was a very tiny 4mm foetus with a weak heart beat , Lets see which way it goes.I previously miscarried5months back.