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Ok well I took another one this afternoon about 5 hours after I took this one... Mind u I took this one with my first morning pee after not going to the bathroom for hours.. When I took the second one this afternoon it was neg. No faint line no nothing 😢whyyyy😢😢😢😢


Omg I'm pregnant . I thought it would never happen.


Friends I wana share some good information.. I was ttc from 1.2years.. But last month... My doctor suggested me for HSG test/treatment... Which ll increase your chances of pregnancy.. As the test is Al about clearing your utirus.. N I had gone through that test.. Last Month.. N. Now this month I'm pregnant.. Hop this information is useful for u friends.. Please check with your doc n go ahead all d best n baby dust love u ll


Well went for my 7 week scan and Wee are having twins lol


6 days late.. M so happy finally got my BFP.. Not much symptoms just had some spotting for a day or so and a lil cramps very light.. But super tired.. Baby dust to everyone here.. God is great he has a plan for us all..


Doc confirmed my miscarriage....I'm so broken....4th miscarriage in 10 years


Guys it's happening! It's really happening! I couldn't wait until tomorrow so I waited a couple hours without drinking water and tested. Thanks for all the support I've gotten and don't give up ladies!☺

Ashley Lafayette

What's the best ela premium to pick