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Hi everyone! Am new here, and I need ur advice. My period was on d 14th of November, ND my fertile window was from 25th of November to 1st of December, and my ovulation was on d 28th of November. I had unprotected sex from on d 25th of November to on d 27th of November, but didn't sex on d 28 cos hubby wasn't home, but on d 29th ND 30th of November. We be been trying to conceive our child number 2. I don't kw nw if am pregnant already, but I feel cramps, tiredness, headache. But no sore pain in my breast. Pls what do u ladies think? ND what do u advice?


Hey guys I gotta problem. I had my period Nov 11 to Nov 14. No sex yet am still freaking out n wanna go for a pg test. Help me out please😔


hi I wanna ask..yesterday i had small brown discharge and today more brown discharge..yesterday is considered first day of my period? in my cycle calendar im supposed to have period on dec 16..

Ayesha ali

Tomorrow way my frst period day but i had not much bleeding on pad there was brown color blood... and today slight bleeding not much.. am tensed what does that mean please help