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Well Ela says that using any lubricants in fertile days will break the sperm or block the sperm to swim.. so how does pre-seed works?? I saw many of them using and got pregnant.. xx


What's does the star means in cycle.. app updated and got stars??


Ela says I am ovulating today and I tested it's positive opk😉😍Yay!!! That's clear after 10 minutes..xx


Gals.. does that means I'm ovulating???

Desiree Beaudoin

Ok so if you don't get a positive ovulation test does that mean I'm not ovulating or just missed it? Cuz I'm still getting my periods but I'm also still breast feeding my 9 month old... been ttc for 2 months but I never get any positive ovulation tests... take them same time everyday for about 7 days starting in first fertile day and on...


I got scan done today , CD 2, Doc told I have a big 4 cm cyst. She has advised for surgery this month. Please if anyone know , guide me how complicated is the surgery and how muvh time it takes to recover.

Jessica Charbonneau

How old are all of you ladies where are you from and what do you all look like lol? 25 Toronto Canada me in pic