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So Yesterday I wiped and had light pink on my toilet paper, so I'm thinking I'm about to start because usually after I see that I'm automatically bleeding heavy 30min to a hour after seeing that. But I didn't today is a new day and now my discharge is verying light brown like tan with a tint of pink and still no period...it has a smell like old blood not a fishy smell. I usually get brown discharge and a odor that smells like blood when I get off my period...well the month of April is here and no period. Was suppose to start on the 4th but my period will sometimes be a week late .. I have little cramping here and there and pain (not to the point where its hurting) on my left bottom abdominal...lower back ache a little and my body sore. But no pregnancy symptoms at all...SOMEONE HELP ME FIGURE THIS OUT BECAUSE GOOGLE IS SCARING ME LOL I NEVER HAD THIS HAPPEN BEFORE