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Took a test..and got this..i dont know if i am seeing things..Swathi and Isha.


I am now 3 days delayed with my period..sometimes,im afraid i would have q miscarriage when im upset, feeling some cramps in my tummy. How do you know when there is possible miscarriage?and how to avoid?


Yesterday I went for ultrasound in my 9th week of pregnancy...dr. said no growth n heart beat in baby... She said go for S& E.... 😓😓


Does anyone know the answer to this? I had a lot of ewcm when i wiped on my predicted ovulation day? Does this mean i ovulated on this day or could i have ovulated later going by the ewcm?


My lower abdominal cramps on and off from 3-4 days, I can't understand what is it..?? It is like af but no period yet ..If it occurs in early pregnancy... ??? I m confused. Is it pregnancy or what??? :-!


Has anybody af like cramps from 2-3 days then positive hpt


Bfn at 12dpo but lots of weird cramps and poking feelings absolutely exhausted feel like im out this month 😥😣


So ive tried talking to my bf but i get so angry and upset and he still dosnt want to have this baby 🙁 i still dont know what to do...💔


period due today.15 dpo today but no sign of af.usually I feel 4 days ago that my periods are on the way.this month is different. but I checked at 10 and 11 dpo it was Bfn.no pelvic pain as I feel last month's.confused.shoud I check again.my period are very regular.i m ttc for 6 months