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Hi! I never experienced this before, my feminine area is super itchy almost all the time.. What do you think is this? :(


Hey! I had protected sex. He didn't orgasm for a long period of time, while we used hands. Finally he orgasmed into a condom which did not leak at all. But i have not yet got my periods. Im sure im not pregnant but im worried a bit. Please help.

Britany Burbo

Please help! My period came 3 days late. But super light I can't even use a tampon. My periods are normally a good flow never any spotting.

Manasa manu

Pls help.. I got my period 3 days early and it lasted only for 2 days. Is it implantation bleeding or actual period?

Hope Rodriguez

Hey all. Weird question. What do you consider as the start of your period? I will usually see some blood but then 2 or 3 days later I'll really start heavy bleeding for 4 or 5 days and then 2 or 3 days of lighter bleeding. So I normally would log that I've started but should I wait to log it once the heavier bleeding starts? I don't wanna mess up my ovulation prediction days by logging that I've started my period to soon.


Hi Ladies, so I got my period November 13 but was expecting it on November 12. It lasted for four days but the flow is consistently as like the first day of period, It was light and cannot even fill a pad. The blood is like the usual blood when I am having my period though this last, the blood comes out only when I pee. A week after menstruation.. I experienced cramping, throbing of right and left pelvic area. I conducted Pts twice and the results were negative. What could this possibly be?