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So it's for sure getting darker!!! Making a doctors appointment Monday to confirm! 😍❤ Really hoping my rainbow baby is healthy and we have a good pregnancy!


After 2 miscarriages, we are starting to try again. Please send some positive vibes❤


My discharge doesn't seem to have a pattern what colour is discharge normally before you become pregnant and during ovulation


Hi there, been trying for 2 years now. My period is late 36 days today. (normally period cycle is 26-28days) Yesterday we had intercourse and today morning I am spotting. I am confused was really hoping to be pregnant this time around. Is this normal? Feeling depressed 😫☹️😭

Hailey Romero Rodriguez

So ladies? I wanted to try and start birth control to see if it would balance out my hormones and see if there is any way I can get pregnant that way? Maybe see if it works. I want your opinion ladies. Let me know.


I'm trying to conceive from the last month. We had sex on all the fertile days. I even predicted the ovulation using the ovulation kit. My next period starts next to next day. But now I'm getting period cramps. Can anyone suggest if this is a pregnancy symptom or PMS?