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OMGOMG Am I seeing this right????????


I've been doing ovulation tests for a while now and I'm yet to get a dark line. I'm thinking after years of trying it's time to stop. It's so disheartening 😢


Having watery discharge looks yellow on toilet paper... period due April 3rd. Why would that be? I know I usually have white creamy discharge before period but haven't been having that. Pregnancy sign? Anyone else have that and end up being pregnant?


I have tender breast i feel pain when my husband touches my nipples and yesterday i ate cakes and when i burp it's like i ate castor oil...took a hpt now but it came back negative I hear you sometimes get wrong results when you do it in the afternoon so tomorrow morning i am going to do another one...hope i get good results


I'm actually in shock ladies. I've never had a positive ovulation test until today. We've just been referred to a fertility clinic then this happens. We had sex last night so please keep everything crossed for us. I know its not a big thing for a lot of people but I've waited a year for this 😊 baby dust to all you lovely ladies x