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Is there any way of complaining about someone. I think someone has a fake profile and is writing inappropriate comments and trying to get pictures off women?


So I'm on day 38 of my cycle now and still no sign of af and got bfn. My boobs are really tender so I'm hoping af will be here soon so I can start again if not looks like it will be a trip to see a doctor as I have had sharp pain in what feels like my ovaries.


I'm now on day 33 of my cycle. Still no sign of af apart from my breasts are a little tender still getting bfn. I had my implant taken out in September and had my first period the beginning of November. I'm getting a bit frustrated as my periods went straight back to normal after I had my last implant taken out.


Wow... so I took a test today fully expecting a negative. I didn't even wait for the test I just walked away and went back to bed. Went back to the bathroom and I see the very faintest of lines. Still don't have my hopes up because I have 0 symptoms aside from the most painful boobs ever (feels like they were hit with a bat). Period is supposed to show tomorrow but I guess we will see! Still thinking it's an evap line


Today is the day I see if my pregnancy is viable. Had my blood drawn a few hours ago and I hope to have the results today. I'm so scared. I think this one is doomed since my lines aren't getting any darker on my tests. 😔


I sneeze and my ovaries hurt for like 10 seconds. What is it?


I'm in my fertile phase!!! Send me some baby dust..And lots of it!! 😁


Has anyone had light bleeding for about 4 days on and off then having it turn to a light pink spotting only when you wipe with very light cramps , very confused atm😕