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So I had my first appointment yesterday and after that light bleeding I'm still pregnant. The doctor told me I'm about 7-9 weeks along. My next appointment is on the 9th and my first ultrasound is on the 1st of next month.


So i am 5 days late we had sex today and I had some bleeding but after it stopped could i still be pregnant we have not been using protection since may


Hello I'm 7 weeks pregnant today I had light brown vaginal discharge I'm so scared what does it mean ?


I need others opinionon my situation. I recently took a test on the 8th of this month and it came back positive. Last week i started bleeding but it's been on and off for the past week. I have an appointment on the 1st for next month to check everything. I've been taking my prenatals. I also took another test today and it also came back positive. I'm just trying to figure out what might be going on. My boyfriend has told me to tell myself "I'm fine, the baby is fine, and and he's fine" to help calm my nerves. Did anyone else have this happen to them andIf so what was the out come of it?