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Kinda wanting to cry. 3months ago i went through my third misscariage. My boyfriend wants to try again when i get him home from drill. I'm scared that if i get pregnant i might lose this one... It doesn't help when my so called friends sit there and tell me I'll never be able to carry full term... I want to cry so bad.


Morning everyone.. I'm 7 weeks pregnant and I've been bleeding on and off. Then came out this morning.. it's not blood clot. Don't know what that is.. am I miscarrying? I'm so scared.


So three months ago i had a miscarriage and my boyfriend has decided he's ready to starttrying again. I need advice for what I can do to be ready to get pregnant soon. I get to pick him up from drill on the first... Any opinions that helps.


I'm really trying to conceive ; I'm 208 lbs ; healthy && very much ready for a baby! I've had 2 miscarriages both at 5 months ; so I figured maybe it's something I'm doing wrong. So I been getting in shape ; staying healthy ; eating & doing the right things to conceive ; but NOTHINGS WORKING! Can anyone give me advice on this?