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Had my first ultrasound done yesterday. Unfortunately during the ultrasound they found that the baby had stopped growing at 6 weeks and had no heart beat, they always saw debris which I'm not fully.sure what that means. I have had normal signs of pregnancy still. This weekend I'll be taking medication so my body will naturally miscarry. I'm so heartbroken and hard to control the tears.


Excuse my nakedness lol But 6 weeks tomorrow, I have literally never been so bloated in my life!!! Please tell me I'm not alone in this!?!? I've gotten guesses from NUMEROUS people in my personal life that I look between 3-5 months Fml

Flor Monter

Its been a month i got off my nexplanon. Removed im trying to get pregnant. If anybody got theres removed did it take time to get pregnant or did it happen as soon as it got removed


Friends anyone is here with last period date in feb and now pregnent


13 months of trying and it finally happened. I ovulated way early than the app said but thanks to clear blue digital ovulation tests and pre seed I'm now about 5 weeks pregnant!