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Hi ladies!!!! Who all is due in December. 12/27 for me!! Wbu??

Katie Kennedy

PLEASE COMMENT, NEEDING SUCCESS STORIES! Okay, so Dh and I got a faaaintt bfp st 12dpo! I had a dr appointment already so I had urine labs done. They were negative (hcg under 25) so I had blood done. Yesterday they said I AM pregnant but my hcg was only 11.3 at (I believe) 12dpo. I'm going in tomorrow to see if they went up. Please tell me what your first beta hcg level was.. I keep reading online and I'm getting worried.. home tests are still coming up positive!


These are my test this morning took blood test yesterday and hcg was only at 12


Yesterday i took a pregnancy test it came negative n when i checked the kit today it says positive. What does it mean?

Vidita Muller

Hoping for the gud news this month n totally worried too.. we have been TTC from 6months. Last month m diagnosed wid PCOS :( 8days to take test

Niveditha N

Is excessive burping, bloating and fatigue early signs of pregnancy? I have creamy white discharge too. I m on 10 dpo.

Rosa Paris

Hello girls can ya plz help me here I really see a very faint line but maybe my eyes are planning tricks in me....I'm 9 dpo .