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Today im officially enter 8week pregnant...


Hy ladies..adviced me im 6 days late..can i take apregnancy test my periods are regular..u all understand my feeling ..😒😌


6week pregnant... Having egg white discharge... Like cervical mucus during ovulation days what is that... Plz tell me


So today i had my first doctors appointment and am 6weeks everything went well.. my ultrasound date is the 17 cant wait to see my lil one


Very sadly today i miscarried my 6week.. Baby.....its very painful cant control my tears rolling from my eyes...


After 2 years of trying 1 miscarriage a year ago we finally got ourselves a positive again! I just hope and pray to God that this little rainbow baby sticks around! 👼💛💙💜💚


Hy every one according to ela my periods start on 23 jan last period date is 25 plz pray for me i really want to becm pregnant..for about 4 to 5 days my breast are feeling so heavy and today im feeling pain in my back or lower abdomen is this the sign that my periods are coming?plz pray for me..


It's been 3dpo and I'm feeling very bloated and abdominal pains and my boobs are sore but like on the inside what can this be?