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My belly size is normal for 6 weeks and 3 days??


Is it positive????? Am i pregnant?? Help me


Hai everyone today doctor canfarm IAM pregnant 5 week I am so happy thanks God than Ela alhamdilla😄😄😄😄

Neha Bajpai

My progestrone is 18 and hcg is 384 at 4 week and 4 days pls share urs is my ok


11 dpo no cramping only a heavy feeling in my lower abdomen. Some what tender nipples today. Hope it's a good sign. Any ideas ladies? Do you have that heavy feeling in n your lower abdomen?


Hellooo I still can't believe it!!I am pregnant Thanks God thank you ladies thanks to ELA. U can feel early pregnancy symptoms as I did from 11 days. The first test I took it yesterday ans the second now. Gd luck for all of youuuu

Britney Stewart

Got blood test back on Friday with a hCG of 450 😊 Having a follow up Tuesday to make sure the levels are rising! Nausea has kicked in and I'm super tired, but I've got a little poppyseed! 😍


Ladies my ovulation was from 10 till 12 I don't know the exact day and now I am pregnant thanks God.yesterday I went to my gyneco and I did a blood test.. the HCG is 248 maybe he will ask me to do it again on Friday.but need ur experience it is low?THANK youuu