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susan hempel

Good afternoon All. I need advise, is it normal to only feel the baby move every second day? I am now 15 weeks pregnant with baby number two. And i am so scared something is wrong.

susan hempel

ELLA IS TOPS Hello ladies.... Ella send me an email to say i must do a test today. I did a home pregnancy test and the line was very, very faint..... So, we decided to go get a digital test.... And here is the results.....

susan hempel

Hi All. My hubby and i have been trying to conceive for almost 3 years now. We don't have money for a fertility doctor. I went to my gp last year March as i had a green discharge from my one breast and they were extremely painful. So it ends up that I have a hormone imbalancement. It has been a year since then, i started using Ella about 6 months ago hoping that we will conceive. Last month my period was 5 days late and i had such terrible nausea and tender breast but my test was negative. Please can you all keep us in your prayers. It is very emotional for me every time the test is negative.

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