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Ladies how many kids are too many ??!?!?!??Answers please

Kayla Shipley

So I've been with my fiancee for about 5 year or so I love him to death he's everything to me I have stayed with him threw a lot. But our relationship isn't as great as I planned it would be. He never let's me near his phone BC he has other girls pictures on it and he's always on Kik talking to other girls and sending my pictures to other guys. I love him to death but I'm.not sure how much linger I can take the pain scared to leave him or lose him BC of how much he to me idk what to do.


Hi am six weeks pregnant m afraid to make love with my husband.


How far along were you when you found out you were pregnant


My last menstruation was Feb 12! Didn’t even realize I was late in March and as I did I took a test on the 16th that came back positive! It was hard to believe so I took as much as 4 to confirm! I went in for an ultrasound on March 21th and the Dr told me he didn’t see anything. I came home and took a next test and has been taking pregnancy test since and still getting positives! Did I do an ultrasound too early? Ps my menstruation comes the 12 of every month since I was on the clomid pills. Plz help!!


Happy 20 weeks!! Healthy, active, baby!


Has anyone on here tested negative at 3 days late and gone on to get their bfp? X


Its so hard to believe I'm almost half way through this pregnancy. It'll be our last and it seems to be flying by. Baby boy #3. Anyone else due in Aug?


Still no period 4 days late but negative test a couple days ago very faint line on clearblue test tho so dont know what's going on tender breasts slight nausea very tired all the time metallic taste in my mouth