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Nikki Henderson

Baby's heartbeat is 165, I'll start the Mekena shots next Wednesday(1st of 20) and we should find out the gender in about 2 weeks! 😁😁😁😁


First time mom here. When did u feel ur baby moving around? What week? Im 17 wks today. Just curious and excited.


I'm getting butterfly feelings in my uterus also ??? Isn't it a bit early at 5 weeks


Going by my calendar I have no ovulation days... so should I throw the thought of having a baby out of the window?


Ela is telling me im nearly out of my fertile window, yet opks r all negative! And yes all my details about my cycle are correct etc.


Still no af nipples very tender feel like it's coming on but no blood fingers crossed 💞

Manasa manu

2nd time testing to confirm, with different brands, in how many days i will get dark line?