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Went to visit my long distance boyfriend for ovulation period and came back yesterday. My boobs were tender my last week there so decided to test when I got up this morning. I'm so excited we just decided to start letting fate have its way before my holiday. Hoping it sticks. This was my first month using the app.


I am 8 weeks tomorrow and have all day sickness. No food appeals to me. I hate chocolate since being preggers. Which is kind of a good thing. I literally drag my self to and from work and then to sleep the rest of the night and weekends. I am usually so active. I feel guilty about not doing anything. I have bad after taste when I eat... anyone else have this? Also gassy from time to time 😒


Ovulation date was yesterday, just tested now (5:50pm) and still negative...Could it be that I don't ovulate? If I'm not ovulating, what steps should I take? 🙁☹