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I am 8 weeks tomorrow and have all day sickness. No food appeals to me. I hate chocolate since being preggers. Which is kind of a good thing. I literally drag my self to and from work and then to sleep the rest of the night and weekends. I am usually so active. I feel guilty about not doing anything. I have bad after taste when I eat... anyone else have this? Also gassy from time to time 😒


Went to visit my long distance boyfriend for ovulation period and came back yesterday. My boobs were tender my last week there so decided to test when I got up this morning. I'm so excited we just decided to start letting fate have its way before my holiday. Hoping it sticks. This was my first month using the app.


Ovulation date was yesterday, just tested now (5:50pm) and still negative...Could it be that I don't ovulate? If I'm not ovulating, what steps should I take? 🙁☹


11 months of trying, negative pregnancy tests every month, 2 ovulation apps, and countless ovulation tests...I am finally pregnant. It's very early so we are not getting ahead of ourselves, it will be a long wait to the safe zone but at least it's positive test this month! I started following this app in October and hubby and I went on vacation around when the ovulation days predicted for November and it worked! Here's to the next coming weeks!


I heard it's best to do every other day...What do you all think? Get the last 2 hearts pink?


Hi i have a problem here m unable to conceive and doctor done my thorough check up I do not have any problem...last three months I had one day period and I was sick for three months vomiting all d time but no sign of pregnancy....we had only once or twice sex during fertile timeframe is it the problem that m not getting pregnant no idea ...also we have very low sex life


Can we have sex everyday or do we need to only every other night while trying to get pregnant ?


Good Morning All, So my fertile days are Dec 1 to the 5th .. So I don't know if i should start now or should I wait...


hi I just turned 41 never been pregnant before its hard to tell when I am ovulate I'm on my 1st cycle of clomid TTC to you think its to late for me?

Haley Jo Parsons

Should I count sex on fertile days if he doesn't go inside me