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Jessie Allen

So I'm not sure when I Ov...Me and my husband both decided to stop testing with the strips and just enjoy it. I do check cm and cp. So I could of ovulated the 21st just going by mysyptoms I usually get when I do. Well lately I get slight cramping and first time i have ever experienced like a cramping/ache in my right inner thigh. Cervix has been high and have had a bit of ewcm. Today my cervix felt softer than usual too. But I could just be ovulating really late so idk. Opinions?

Jessie Allen

Ok I love my sister more than anything. They were trying and nothing was happening so they decided to stop trying and use condoms for a while. And now was told today she is 4 to 6 weeks. I'm very happy and excited to be a aunt just upset. Don't send hate my way in comments. I'm not jealous or mad at my sister just frustrated with my own body. Been trying for 6 months


What is the earliest you have gotten a baby bump?


Do they sell pressed at Walmart or just online

Jessie Allen

Still no period on CD 45 haven't tested in a week. I also think I'm 17 days past ovulation. Have had actual symptoms but could mean my period is finally on it's way. But the weirdest thing I noticed today is that like it's been though since I ovulated my cervix remains high and is hard. But the walls of my vagina are tight. But I seem pretty dry but lately it's been creamy. My period doesn't skip only once before. I just don't know. I think I might test again. Hoping for a positive so I can surprise my hubby and my best friend on her birthdat!

Haylee Rush

Been ttc for 5 months now. Losing hope


My mild cramping is back again and the discharge has dried up a bit! My back is killing me! Headache too. What can I take for pain?