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Haylee Rush

Been ttc for 5 months now. Losing hope


My mild cramping is back again and the discharge has dried up a bit! My back is killing me! Headache too. What can I take for pain?


Have any of you had no early signs of pregnancy but still ended up falling pregnant? Having my second month of feeling no symptoms but I'm still hopeful. Only 7dpo today anyway. If you did get signs, when did they start?


Hi ladies Can you feel really different if you think you've conceived? I feel a bit sicky this morning just don't feel myself 😞


So I know that I have been ovulation because I've been having discharge but I have never had cramping and a hard stomach during this time of the month. They feel like mild menstrual cramps. Could this be an early sign of pregnancy? I've never experienced cramping during ovulation. Admittedly we've only been trying a few days though so might be nothing. It's on my right side the pain and in my boobs

Jessie Allen

I thought I was out but Idk it could just mean my period is on its way but I never spot before my period. I read this article and that bbq is what's been happening to me. Every time I have sex this is 2-3 times now. It's very little. He isn't tearing me either I would know that haha. Most likely I'm not pregnant but I can hope right?


4 days and still getting positive ovulation... Super dark one very confused