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Ok take my test it looks like I am pregnant it's my 3rd his first lol I'm 35yr he is 18yr I know big age difference I think I am about 4weeks now


So this has been longest cycle since we started ttc...😖 44 days since my last period still no af. negative pregnacy tests. And opks i got are tottaly not reliable this cycle. I think my body has tryed 3 times to ovulate but due to stressing and just over working it just didnt happen. 😑.... *sigh*...😑 irregular periods deffinently suck. Id be so happy if af would just show up just so i could have a fresh start.


Ladies just wanted to give u all a tip it worked for me . Been trying for four cycles . And the last one I ordered Fertilaid and I don’t know if it was that but people swear by it so thought I would give it a try and I am now pregnant by 4 weeks so I think it worked for me .


How bad is stress on me and the baby I'm 5weeks along????


If I ovulate late this month, does it automatically push my period latet theorectially??