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So iam thinking LH strips of different brands are not made equaly or read levels the same as other. These are two diffent brands and taken at the same time. Lol


On the two week wait... What are your best ways to pass the time? For me the first few days and the last few before af arrive are the longest.


I have some problems .i never had an orgasm. And sometimes i cabt feel my other half. Been to the doctors they said im fine down there but what can i do


My daughter of 4 years old cant wait for us to get pregnet with baby 2 she drew this picture of me with a baby in my tummy and her in the corner. She said daddy was at work when i asked where he was. 😜❤ hopefully soon we can make this picture a reality for our family. ......3 dpo.

Cynthia Ann Lowrie

Me and my boyfriend future husband have been trying for 6 months I really want a baby I have irregular periods so its kinda hard knowing when I ovulate...can anyone help or have any advise...please and thank u


Hi..ladies.. I am trying to conceive its been 5 months since married.. am worried and afraid whether ill be able to have lil ones.. my periods are regular and healthy .. need some advice .. Why its getting delayed..?


So took this LH test just for giggles cause iam passed elas estimated fertal phase and had done my lh strips for 7 days during that time and slightly after. So iam a bit shocked to see such a dark lh line today with my next expected periode due in like 8 days. Is it possible to ovulate twice in a cycle? Trying for baby #2 and baby dust to all.😘


Does anyone believe that the bleach test works? Just curious 😬


Hi ladies.... Just a quick question. I've just started taking folic acid and the instructions on the box recommend taking it for 14 weeks prior to conception. Have all of you who are TTC taken your folic acid for the full 14 weeks or have some of you started sooner? Thanks