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Feeling pretty down today. I would have been 20 weeks and 6 days today. Its so hard, i just want it to be our time again. DH wants to wait nearly a year... i can't go that long without trying. It takes long enough ttc but waiting on top of that, it could be 3 more years until we have a new LO 😢💔


Baby #2 making its grand appearance ❤


Had a positve a 3 days ago and posted it. Went for blood work yesterday because the hospitals urin test was negative. Started bleeding last night. Took two of the same brand test this morning got a negive and bleeding had increased. So i went back to the hospital. They could conferm My blood test had a level 7hcg. So atleast i was pregnant. But the level of hcg is saposed to increase so 3 days ago positve now says negavitve and the heavy bleeding is leading me and the hospital to belive that i had an early pregnancy loss. Not a good 3 days. Blood test next week just to be sure, but not expecting to still be.


Okay ladies, its been a while since I've been on. I had a miscarriage at 9 weeks on november 25th. My last period ended January 8th, DH and i are TTC again!! Wish us luck!!