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Please has anyone been pregnant without having any symptoms? Please help.


Ladies..CD 11..ovulation predicted today by Ela..please suggest..if its negative or positive...


Hi ladies.. I have been using Ela for 3 months and was trying for a baby since a year. But it was sad to see all the negatives but I never loosed Hope n kept trying. Today it's been 3 days I missed my period. So still being unsure I took a pregnancy test and also did a bleach test. I was so shocked and happy to see the result. God has finally blesses us!! Big thanks to Ela of course. We are going to have our 2nd child.😇 Pls pray for us and good luck for all the ladies ttc. Have Faith!


Bad news....bleeding started at 5 week "chemical pregnancy" miscarriage...word is heavy and i feel devastated and feel i will never be able to conceive...


Girls my ovulation prediction result..please tell me if its positive or negative? Today cd 10 according to ela i will ovulate tomorrow..wat u guys say..please suggest..