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Thank you Ella!!! After trying for 4 months we finally got a positive!!! Took two test and both came out positive.


👶👼UPDATE 👼👶 I'm 12 DPO I'm having mild cramps now and my breast are really tender. I'm having back pain as well. 1 day until af is due. If I test at 14dpo could it be too early?


I can't believe it! I am so amazed so blessed so thankful to God! I got my BFP after almost 2 years. I tested three times and all showed up less than 3 mins. I will be making an appointment tomorrow with my doctor!


Now I'm thinking to take a test?? I'm 12 DPO what should I do?


👼ANOTHER UPDATE👼 *Sorry* I think I may have another uti 😥😭 Why??? I shower every day I stopped using the vagisile months ago and we haven't bd. Ughhh called doctor and he said uti is common with pregnancy? Especially since I had them with my first. Whats going on????? I am 12 DPO too early to test he said he can give me an appointment next week for ultrasound


I have my first appointment on Thursday!!!!! 😍


I really can't believe it ! I am 12 DPO and I thought it would be too early to test but I am so thankful! I can't wait to have another baby !


12dpo some light cramps but my boobs hurt. My period is due tomorrow I want to test tomorrow but maybe I should wait until my period is late for 2 weeks?


Hello ladies! I'd like to find some TTC buddies and cycle buddies! I am currently on my third-ish(fiance and I didn't try as hard the first month and didn't know as much)cycle TTC bambino #1. AF not due 10/27-10/28. Currently in my TWW(aka HELL) lol. Anyways, would love to have some people to chat or vent or exchange knowledge with, also to share the journey with! I am from CT and now live in FL due to fiances job. I don't know many people here it's all farms, I'm from.a city haha. So all the females I would normally share this journey with either have children and are done, or they are in CT and NY -_- So yeah, now that I rambled in a run on sentence lol, anyone around the same cycle or want a TTC buddy? ✨


Can anyone see my comments or posts?

Emma Palvin

Af due in 2 days... Pregnancy test negative 😢 can i still be pregnant? Im using clomid to ovulate cuz i have pcos and i did ovulte and had sex that day.


So i took this photo last night. I seem to have gotten bigger than the last photo i took. My bf said im not even a month prego. I said but im bloated. My dad accidentally saw my last pic of my belly and said hey whos that prego chick. I said im not sure. Bc he doesnt like baby daddy. Still been having symptoms and im really hoping im prego. I noticed my jacket a bit tight on me yesterday as well. Comments ladies?? Help??

Hailey Alexander

What are your implatation bleeding stories


Hi ladies... 3 dpo... n today few drops of brown discharge.. what do u all think...🤔🤔


Ok so I looked this up since my lines came up later and this is what it said. So what do y'all think am I pregnant or not?