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After dealing with my husband and the reality of our life and current position I don't feel we should have a baby right now. I scheduled an abortion... It def hurts my heart but it's the right choice for right now....

Rutchel Caberte

3 months trying to concieve 😟 Went to OB but doc says theres no problem but why is it hard to get pregnant? 😢 advice pls


I am so sad. I was 6 days late and just went to the bathroom i just started bleeding vary light but looks like af is coming 😧 i thought for sure this was my month becuase because i have had all the sometimes of pregnacy especially nausea i am so sad i dont know whats rong with me.

Rachel Z

Do you all have sex on every single fertile day??


6 weeks 4 days pregnant conformed at doctors. Is this normal?

Virginia Roy

Hi everybody..i have had 2 back to back miscarriages one in late november other in early february. We decided to wait to try again plus a lot of things going on. I just finished my period sunday, so been on a high sex drive last 2 days not thinking i can get preggo. So i took an ovulation test just a bit ago just for the fun of it....it came out positive...how can i be ready to ovulate if i just finished my period..confused...mixed feelings. Well lets see what happens😞