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Virginia Fulmer

My first prenatal appointment is on Friday, I am so excited 🤗🤗🤗🤗


Told my husband today that we're expecting! He's beyond excited #3rdtest


Period was due today! Now 15 dpo, 4 weeks 3 days pregnant! Dont mind my writing but look how positive the 1st response is! Darker than the control line and the last small test is getting darker! (Didn't mark on todays) #RainbowBaby

Virginia Fulmer

Pretty sure I had a chemical pregnancy. Had 3 positive urine test and blood test last week. Had spotting and bleeding..no pain but took 3 test this morning all negative, I am so bummed.😢😢


TMI.. Is this considered egg white CM? Or is this the phase before? Had sex this morning... Could it be from him?

Virginia Fulmer

I am pregnant!!!! I got my rainbow baby so excited, thank you jesus!!!


7weeks preganant..... Lots of dizziness and vomiting ......can't eat anything.... Any advice ladies....??? 😕


Can someone tell me what this means IS IT A YES or No


Today went to doctor and they did this test. And last Sat they asked me to do blood test and in the too it's slight positive, but agn thy told me to wait for 1 more week to confirm. What you guys feel? By the way my af date is tomorrow..


Anyone of you taking folic acid? And got pregnant relativly fast? I took it in my first pregnancy and got pragnant within the first month after getting off BC. But of course theres no guarantee. Just wondering.


yes, I've seen women who still see their period while pregnant but I'm a bit confused. I had PT and it read positive. but I've been feeling as if I'm menstruating - lower abdominal pain and little drops of blood. is it normal? before now, there was no drops of blood as at January when I missed my period, but now drops of blood... please I need your help with this. thanks