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Hello ladies, anyone's periods due on 28.02? Do you have any signs of pregnancy so far? When can we have a pregnancy test?


Hello drs......by next period will start in 11 days...when I will feel pregnancy symptoms....like implantation


Anyone have an underactive thyroid, I heard it can mess with ovulation, but when I take ovulation tests I've always gotten a positive. Fertility Dr has me on medicine for my thyroid hopefully it'll help!!


My periods were all over the place and I went to my gyno and she tested my thyroid..and turns out i have thyroiditis (underactive thyroid)..which can affect ovulation. Now I take a hormone supplement and hopefully I'm back on track to conceiving. Check the symptoms for hashimotos thyroiditis...if you have any ask to get tested it's a common problem that can affect fertility.


Hi there....after ovulation is it ok if we do bd till one week before next period....is this affect if baby is formed??..need your reply girlzzzz