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Gargi Chatt

Hello friends... Today is my CD 29 ..My periods come after 2 days ....But today my discharge stretchy creamy ...Is thus sign of early pregnancy?


Period is coming in next 2 days 26 cycle day. Legs pain, back pain, fatigue,white creamy discharge. Feeling sleeping.

Gargi Chatt

Hello friends, Today I have done hsg test(CD 8). Very painful experience,slight spotting bleeding, Doctor told it has some blockage which has been opened...Any idea and experience of this test?

Gargi Chatt

I have done this month follicular study up to day 16....But my reports is 12mm x 10 in day 16....Is there any chance that my follicles get it's size of 18-20mm? Actually I got thick ,stretchy ,jelly like discharge on day 19 and 20........does it indicates ovulation???


I'm ttc baby 1 any ladies have pcos and and have very irregular cycles.. like months without one? What meds worked for you? I know everyone is different but I just want to hear some success stories because I'm having a really really difficult time holding on here. I feel like breaking down.. 😢😢😢😢

Mrs Adoh

I had HSG today and one of my tubes was unblocked, while the other is still blocked, do I need to take clomid if am ovulating normally?