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Hello everyone, Here I want to share my success story. I got married on may 27th this year. Me and my husband were 29 years old. I'm being a physiotherapist and my husband is a pharmacologist had awareness of menstruation cycle and respective symptoms. After my marriage every month my periods were 4 days early. We're not able to pick out ovulation days. Then my husband found this ela app and we entered previous dates so that we could easily picked ovulation days. E even though I'm not getting pregnancy. Then I made an appointment to the gynic doctor aisha.she responded very nicely and counselled us by telling tips and this time I can't believe I missed my date and on day 8th early morning I've checked then I got positive test followed by day 12 once again I've tested and at last I'm pregnant. Thanks to God Thanks to aisha. Thanks to ela app.


Thanks to God, I got positive test result. Today day 8 after missed period.


This my second test on day 12. I got positive. Thanks to God. I'm very happy that I am pregnant. Thanks to ela app. Thanks to aisha for counselling me. All the best and baby dust for all.


Hello. I am trying to get pregnant but when me and my husband every time do sex it seems that all sperms come out as soon as I get up even I lay down for 30 min after doing sex. How can we ensure that sperms are going in right place to get pregnant. Is there any feeling when sperms comes in your body. Pls help ?

Nina LaFlair

First time using Ela & Me and my partner are beginning to work on trying to conceive. Fertile days won't begin until 10/24/17 but gonna start now. Any tips ? Wish us luck and baby dust to all. And congratulations to all who are with child 😘