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Lucy Bird

HELP my husband and I have been trying for a baby for 6 months now. I know it doesn't seem that long but believe me it feels like forever. This month my period is 5 days late. I have taken a pregnancy test and I am sure I can see a line but it is so so faint. Does this mean I'm pregnant? Or not?

Lucy Bird

Hi, me and my husband have been trying for a baby for a little while now. I came off my pill 5 years ago and we have only ever used condoms as a form of contriception. I had sex on Monday the 22nd may. ela told me that would be my best day ... But when I did my ovulation test iv hardly been getting any lines at all. I really need some guidance here. it's the first time iv ever tried for a baby and clearly I don't know what I'm doing. Lucy x

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